New York has always been a dream come true to many young people. It is a place where everything happens, a place that either makes or breaks you. However, a recent study shows that more and more young people decided to leave this concrete jungle, mostly because it was too expensive to live in. That same study showed that most of those people moved to a city that is relatively close- New Jersey. More precisely, they moved to Fort Lee, NJ! So, why do young New Yorkers love Fort Lee, NJ, what is so special about it? Well, if you want to know the answer, just keep on reading.

Fort Lee, NJ, is Easier on the Wallet

As mentioned before, living in New York can be too expensive. It can be hard on the wallet, especially for younger people. And, Fort Lee, NJ, located relatively close to New York, offers an escape from all those high price tags. New Jersey vs New York costs are almost incomparable.

Almost everything is cheaper in Fort Lee – housing (both renting and buying), transportation, utilities, groceries, entertainment, and all those things that make up one’s everyday life. The best part is – you can choose to live in Fort Lee, NJ, but still be a part of the NY lifestyle. Yes, you can still go to work in NY, or meet with your friends there every single day because the commute time is less than an hour and a half! Thus, if you are a young New Yorker with money issues, you know what to do – call Tik Tok Moving and Storage and relocate to Fort Lee.

A piggy bank
Young New Yorkers love Fort Lee, NJ, because it is a lot more economical!

Young New Yorkers Love Fort Lee, NJ, Because It is Free From Strife

It goes without saying that young people love big and busy cities. That is why they move to the metropolitan places that offer them all that hustle and bustle. However, there are still some New Yorkers who are in search of a peaceful life. And, that is why they decide to move to a place that is free from strife but still close to all the action. The perfect place for that is Fort Lee – a peaceful neighborhood of New Jersey.

The residents of Fort Lee are mostly families, young professionals, retirees, and of course, the previously mentioned people who want to enjoy a more peaceful lifestyle. In case you decide to move here, you can always rely on professionals. With their help, moving from NY to NJ will be a piece of cake!

Young people sitting in the park - why young people love Fort Lee
If you want to experience that feeling of being a part of a community – Fort Lee is the place for you!

Finding a Home is Just Easier in Fort Lee

If you ever lived in New York City, you probably know how difficult finding a home may be. It does not matter whether you are looking for a home to buy or one to rent, it is a mission impossible. Some homes are just too expensive, some are just too far away, and some are simply ‘unlivable’.

On the other hand, Fort Lee offers the homes of your dreams. Whether you need a loft to rent or a family home to buy, Fort Lee got you covered! And, not only that – besides having homes of all shapes and sizes, it also has affordable prices for them. So, now you can understand why young New Yorkers love Fort Lee.