This topic is pretty hot nowadays, mostly in tech-industry circles. So, what’s really going on? Well, in recent years we’ve seen an influx of NYC-based companies relocating to Texas. Now you’re wondering what are the predictions for this very year? Will the trend continue? Based on what some big-game companies are saying – it’s a YES. That being said, there must be a reason why Texas is the place to be in 2021. If you’re also wondering why Texas is so popular in the past couple of years, don’t worry. You’ll find out pretty soon. We’ve pointed out some main arguments for this continuous trend. In the article below you’ll find out why NYC-based companies are moving to Texas. Stay tuned for some helpful info.

Gone to Texas

The trend we’re going to talk about isn’t just a contemporary theme. It has a history. Back in the 19th century, people all over America were traveling to Texas to find their luck. It’s pretty safe to say we’re witnessing the same, just on a bigger scale. Here’s a cool fact: it was pretty common back then, in the 19th century, for people to pack up and abandon their hometowns in search of a better business climate. And you know how would they alert their customers? They would put up a sign saying Gone to Texas on their front doors. To sum it all up: Texas is continuously settled by newcomers searching for bigger and better economic opportunities.

Traffic lights in San Antonio. If you're asking why NYC-based companies are moving to Texas, just take a history book. You'll notice that Texas is continuously settled by folks looking for better business opportunities.
Texas is continuously settled by newcomers searching for bigger and better economic opportunities. Going as far as the 19th century, you’ll see signs saying Gone to Texas all over the USA.

Texas is more affordable than NYC

This one’s not so hard to assume. Doing business out of Texas might prove cheaper than doing the same thing out of NYC. Why? Well, the average cost of living in Texas is below the national average. The same cannot be said about NYC. You’re bound to find an office for fewer funds in Texas. Also, local movers in the Lone Star State are probably the best in the country. If you’re on the lookout for trusty commercial movers to help you move into your new office, don’t worry. The same goes if you need some help moving into your new apartment. Sit back, relax and turn to skilled teams nearby. They’ll make sure everything goes as smoothly as possible. They’re definitely one of the reasons why NYC-based companies are moving to Texas

Leading job creation state

In the last decade, Texas was the leading state when it comes to new job opportunities. There are more and more career options spawning every day. Now, this one’s not a reason why everyone’s moving here, but a mere consequence of the booming Texas business market. Although, to be frank, it’s a pretty good thing for the state’s image, it may encourage some business owners to move to the Lone Star State. So, you can easily say it can sometimes be the reason behind the enormous market boom. Currently, there’s not a state in the US with a similar flow of money and young professionals. If that’s not saying something, then we don’t what is. And it’s not just the NYC businesses that are moving to Texas. Some big-game players from Silicon Valley (Oracle, for example) found their new ground in Texas.

A man holding a suitcase. One of the reasons why NYC-based companies are moving to Texas is a great number of young professionals chasing their dreams here.
Texas is the leading state in the US for the past decade when it comes to creating new job opportunities. Many young professionals are trying their luck in this thriving US state.

Texas has no state income tax

No state income tax is a blessing for most employers. It means more money is in the game. Also, employees benefit from it, too. There are 9 US states without an income tax, and Texas is one of them. Corporate tax is pretty low and can drop down to zero under certain conditions. Adding this to the already low housing costs, you can clearly see why most young professionals from NYC or anywhere in the country, are choosing Texas as the place where they’ll chase their dreams. Of course, some find ideological arguments to counter this policy, but most people seem to enjoy the benefits of it.

Commercial movers are top-notch

Although we’ve already mentioned this in one of the paragraphs above, it may be for the best if we point this out again. Texas is home to fantastic commercial movers. Most employers or business owners are very grateful for the premium service they’ve experienced moving around the state. NYC folks are used to being around experts. That’s exactly what they’ll get moving to Texas, except the living costs are drastically lower. If you’re an NYC business owner who’s planning an office relocation to Texas, say no more. They are amazing crews ready to give you a helping hand while you move in. Feel free to visit, the website of an experienced moving crew. You deserve the best option available, and that’s precisely what you’ll get by contacting them.

A moving crew loading the truck.
Commercial moving crews in Texas offer premium service to business owners. Folks used to NYC will appreciate the same, or even better, treatment of their office relocation.

A quick summary

So, that was that. These were some of the reasons why NYC-based companies are moving to Texas. Let’s do a quick walkthrough. This trend is nothing brand new. If we take a closer look at the business history of the US, we’ll see that Texas was always a place where people came to fulfill their career dreams. The famous saying Gone to Texas speaks for itself. Also, business owners and their employees find Texas more affordable than NYC. Well, that’s not that hard to achieve. Anyway, it’s pretty nice not having to spend enormous funds just to live normally. Also, one of the reasons why experts flock to Texas is great local commercial movers. We know office relocation is a tough nut to crack. Fortunately, there are experienced crews ready to give you a helping hand with everything you need.

Thank you for reading and best of luck in your future endeavors.