New York City is the city of chances, but at one point, the greatness of NYC starts to be overbearing. There comes a time when you need a change… need to move somewhere less populated and noise polluted. A place where you can breathe, hear your thoughts, and relax. There are plenty of quiet places, but you have chosen to move to Sunny Isles Beach. And it’s our job at NYC Moving to tell you why New Yorkers love Sunny Isles Beach.

General facts about Sunny Isles Beach 

The City of Sunny Isles Beach is a small town in Miami-Dade County where about 20,000 people live. Many neighborhoods in New York City have more people living in them than in Sunny Isles Beach. The population is not nearly as diverse as in NYC, with about 82% of the population being white. 

Sunny Isles can not match up to the opportunities of NYC, but the reason New Yorkers adore it is the peace and quiet. You will never get near the craziness of New York City in Sunny Isles Beach. So come to Sunny Isles Beach and settle in with expert help from local movers. They know Miami-Dade County well and can get you and your items from New York City to Sunny Isles Beach fast.

city street
One of the reasons why New Yorkers love Sunny Isles Beach lies behind them being able to get away from the clamor of cars and people.

New Yorkers love Sunny Isles Beach because it is affordable 

New York City is one of the most expensive places in the world. You can not survive there unless you are well taken care of – in a financial sense, of course. Most people would like to live somewhere affordable. And even though Sunny Isles Beach is above the costs of Florida, it is still a lot more affordable than NYC. See below the price of living in SIB. 

  • First, among the reasons why New Yorkers love Sunny Isles Beach is the fact that it is around 40% less expensive to live in SIB than in the Big Apple.
  • Second, Food & Groceries are 10%, less expensive in Sunny Isles Beach. 
  • Third, utilities are 35% more costly in NYC. 
  • Finally, the largest price difference is in housing, as expected. Real estate is almost 60% more expensive in New York. Since real estate is affordable, New Yorkers love investing in Florida rental properties.

New Yorkers love Sunny Isles Beach because of the location 

People come from the Big Apple to SIB because they want to forget the cold weather. By moving to Sunny Isles Beach, you get around 240 sunny days a year and not a single inch of snow. In addition, you can spend your time on the beach because the city is right near the ocean. As suggested by, pack up your home in NYC and move to Sunny Isles Beach asap! Count on experienced, trustworthy movers to relocate you stress-free and swiftly to Florida. 

a sandy beach near ocean
Forget about the stress of living in the Big Apple by relaxing on the beaches of Sunny Isles Beach.


We hope that you have learned why New Yorkers love Sunny Isles Beach. If you need any more help with moving to Florida or anywhere else in America, count on us to provide the answers to your queries.