As you probably already know, New York is a huge city. There are over 8 million people, living in the five boroughs. Because of this, it might be hard for you to prepare for the move here. It might be especially hard to pick where to live. And due to the huge amount of people going through New York on daily basis, the city has gone through quite a lot of changes. Gentrification hit many parts, as so the median rents got a shift as well. New York is not what it was ten or twenty years ago. And really, no one can know what it will become in five years, as well. However, today, we are here to offer you a small glance into one of the New York boroughs. In this article, we take a look at why people love Brooklyn, and what it has to offer.

Why do people love Brooklyn so much?

The chances are, you already know some things about Brooklyn. It is one of the most famous boroughs in New York, so there is a lot of talk about it. However, it doesn’t mean that all of that is necessarily true. People throw a lot of stereotypes about all the boroughs of New York, trying to prove that theirs is the best. The truth is, there are a lot of advantages and disadvantages of each of these, just like there are pros and cons of moving to New York.

So, what are the reasons why people love Brooklyn so much? Well:

  • Brooklyn offers a great sense of community and a small town vibe,
  • people love Brooklyn because you can easily reach everywhere with a simple train ride,
  • the food in Brooklyn is out of this world,
  • Brooklyn nurtures its own brand of culture.

People love Brooklyn because of its sense of the community

One of the things that people say they love about Brooklyn is the sense of community they feel. It doesn’t matter if they have spent their whole lives there or if they just moved in – everyone is welcome and everyone is included in Brooklyn. Another thing that connects the people living in Brooklyn is their love for the community. This is one of the main reasons why Brooklyn is improving and developing. Nowadays, you can find community farms and gardens and green markets, as well as a lot of non-profit organizations in the area.

A view of Manhattan - yet another reason why people love Brooklyn.

Only from Brooklyn do you get this view.

Just visit Brooklyn and you will notice a change from the rest of New York. You might even run into some secluded streets, and start wondering whether you are in one of the busiest cities in the world at all! If you are visiting over summer, take note of the people on the streets. Many will use stairwells as hangout spots, and children (and adults) might use hydrant-sprinklers to cool down.

So, if you are moving from a small town to New York, you already know why people love Brooklyn. The sense of community and the peace and quiet can easily be achieved here. You can notice the difference the best when you compare it to Manhattan (especially the Times Square area). Whereas on the island you will feel the buzz and the need to run and rush around, Brooklyn will slow you down.

You can easily access all parts of the borough here

Commuting is a big part of living in New York. A lot of people use it in order to save money on rent. You simply find a cheaper, lower rent apartment further away from downtown, and then grab the train to take you to work. More often than not, sacrificing just a little more of your time on commute can save you a lot of money you would use on rent.

Inside a train car.

Metro connects the whole city.

This is another reason why people love Brooklyn. Being just a little off from Manhattan, the rents are much cheaper than in the more fancy borough. However, you can easily reach the Long Island by a quick train ride. This is not the only perk, though. You can reach almost any part of Brooklyn by train as well. This is a great thing when you are running late and want to bypass driving somewhere. Or, if you are looking for some storage units in Brooklyn, you can get some cheaper units further away from you, and quickly visit them using the metro.

The culture is important in Brooklyn

One of the most important reasons why people love Brooklyn is the culture that it owns and nurtures. First, the architecture. If you thought that you will only see wonderful, important buildings in Manhattan, think again! Brooklyn has its own fair share of staggeringly breathtaking buildings and monuments. Just take a stroll down to the Brooklyn Public Library – which is a work of art! And let us not even get started talking about the famous brownstone buildings, the Grand Army Plaza or the Brooklyn Bridge, which is one of the most famous spots in the whole of New York!

Brooklyn library door.

The library is a masterpiece.

So now, hopefully, you have realized why so many people love Brooklyn. Maybe you are even tempted to call professional movers, like, and start planning your own move here. The city itself offers so many things for everyone visiting, and it would be a shame you are not one of those people. However, keep in mind that moving to New York will take a lot of planning. This is why we recommend using professional help. They have experience with all the troubles that can happen, so they will know how to deal with it. Also, they can help you pack up and unpack after the move. Finally, they have some helpful tips about New York, which you will surely want to hear.