Ah, Brooklyn. Brooklyn is a very interesting borough of New York, and it can be considered as a center of the arts of New York. Many people flock to Brooklyn, and many of them are artists. Recent studies show that artists choose Brooklyn over Manhattan in recent times. What makes Brooklyn so interesting to artists, and why do artists flock to it in large quantities? This is the question we’re going to try to answer.

Why are artists moving to New York in general

Recent studies show that there is an increase in artists that are moving to New York in general. A number of artists in New York City is at an all-time high. Studies show that there is an increase in the number of artists in New York by more than 17% since 2000. This is an outstanding figure, and the answer to the question ‘why artists flock to Brooklyn, and to New York in general’ is complex.

New York is a center of arts

First and foremost, New York is the largest city in the US. That makes New York a center of many things, not just an art center. New York is a trade, business, and diplomatic center of the US, and that makes this city very attractive for many different kinds of jobs, artists not excluded. There is a demand for arts, and where is a demand, there is a supply. This is why many artists are working and living in New York. Brooklyn has taken many artists, and it is at an all-time high. Most of Brooklyn’s boroughs are accepting the unimaginable number of artists.

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Simply, New York is the center of arts.

Why artists flock to Brooklyn?

Brooklyn has seen an increase of over 72% of artists. And that is an awesome number. Why is that?

Well, first of all, many artists who move to Brooklyn realized that Brooklyn is becoming a center of arts in New York. And this is because many artists are moving to Brooklyn. This sounds circular, and it is. Many artists flock to Brooklyn, and they are creating new galleries, theaters, bands, and orchestras. So, many artists are drawn by a new scene that arises in Brooklyn, but none of them are moving without the help of a moving company like Dorothy & Martha Moving NYC. They are specialized in moving art pieces and delicate instruments. Check them out!

Many artists flock to Brooklyn also.

Many artists flock to NYC in general.

Second, the prices of homes are skyrocketing. In the past, many artists who want to go to New York went to Manhattan first. But prices of homes in Manhattan today are too much for an average artist. Especially if they are from a smaller town. Brooklyn is simply more affordable, and even artists can make calculated economic decisions. And this is coming from an artist. Prices of homes in Brooklyn remained stagnant, but prices of homes in Manhattan, for example, are on the rise. This economic reason is why many artists choose Brooklyn over Manhattan. And Brooklyn is not so far away from Manhattan. That allows artists to commute easily between Brooklyn and Manhattan when needed. This is why the number of artists decreased by 10% in Manhattan. Prices of homes are the real problem.

Problems with Brooklyn

Since many artists have moved to Brooklyn in recent times, it is becoming more and more difficult to find a space for artists and art. Musicians lack studios for rehearsal, and visual artists are beginning to feel the lack of art galleries in which they can present their art. That can create a problem for the art community in Brooklyn. As in Manhattan, we can expect the number of artists to drop in Brooklyn. Since so many people have moved to Brooklyn in recent times, we can expect the prices of homes to go up.

Second, space is a problem. There is a lack of art galleries and studios in Brooklyn. Renting prices for art galleries and studios are expected to go up since there are more and more artists. Studios and galleries cannot keep up with the demand, and this is why their prices are going up. Slowly for now.

Advantages of Brooklyn

Artists create new galleries and studios, and it may be that the number of galleries and studios will go up as the number of artists goes up. This is one of the possible outcomes. Also, artists tend to create new art communities, and that means that many new and exciting genres of art are being created in Brooklyn’s art communities. Can we expect some new art scene that originated from Brooklyn? New schools of thought and new art styles can be created (and are created) in Brooklyn, and that makes moving to Brooklyn now a one in a lifetime opportunity for ambitious young artists. That way you and your colleagues will be able to feel like a true NYC citizen.

Light bulb in a cloud.

Many new ideas are being created by artists in Brooklyn.

Many artists from all over the US, and from all over the world for that matter, can hear about new and exciting stuff that is being cooked by new art communities in Brooklyn. And those arts are first being created in Brooklyn bars. That can bring a new wave of artists who will want to move to Brooklyn. Also, Brooklyn is by itself already a center of arts. There are many modern and classical art galleries and theaters in Brooklyn.

Brooklyn is well connected

Brooklyn is well connected, both physically and metaphorically. This borough is very close to all of New York City’s other boroughs, and that means that commuting from Brooklyn to another borough is not such big of a deal. You can always use public transport for that. We all know that struggling artists are trying to save money when movingAnd New York, although such a large city, is not notorious for traffic jams. You can always commute by car or by bike.

Also, Brooklyn is very well connected in a metaphorical sense. You can find many labels, connections, gigs, and spaces for your art simply by being in Brooklyn. New York is a center of arts, and that means that there are many sponsors and labels with whom you can easily connect. Also, there are many top quality art schools in Brooklyn for students. Maybe that is why artists flock to Brooklyn.

Good luck!