Philadelphia is a vibrant city in Pennsylvania. It’s a well-known city, but it is not even close to the pearl of the east coast – New York. New York is known around the globe as one of the greatest cities ever built. There are many books, movies dedicated to this fine city. So why are people moving from NYC to Philadelphia, and should you consider it. If you decide to do so, learn how to find a job when moving.

​Energy is one of the reasons why people are moving from NYC to Philadelphia

New Yorkers are proud of their attitude. The attitude can be too much from people that come out of town. But Philadelphia does not lack in the east coast attitude. Humor, brutal honesty and a quick tongue are some of the quirks that both cities possess. People from New York are looking to keep the feel of their city, but in a smaller more tone done place. A place with not as many tourists and newcomers looking to turn their life around. So if you decide to come to Philly and need extra storage because your place is too small, storage can come to you. This reliable moving company can provide on-site storage, so you do not have to worry about cramping up your new Philadelphia apartment.

a woman jumping in the air
People in New York and Philadelphia are full of fire

​Why are people moving from NYC to Philadelphia – because Philadelphia is not that far from New York

Philadelphia is has a great location, but it is not as crowded as New York. You can move to Philly and still have all of the benefits of New York, especially when it comes to working. Today everyone is working from home. You can keep your highly paid New York job and live in Philly. Whenever you get a desire to go to New York, it is only 100 miles away.

​Cost of living – the third reason why are people moving from NYC to Philadelphia

It is a fact that New York is the most expensive city in America. The cost of living is off the roof. Even though NYC is a business hub and people are well paid, it is still too expensive. However, in Philadelphia cost of living is way lower than in New York. According to, New York is 85% more expensive than Philadelphia:

  • Why are people moving from NYC to Philadelphia? Because the utilities are less expensive.
  • Groceries are cheaper.
  • Transportation costs less.
  • Most importantly, health is cheaper in Philly.
one dollar bills
Why are people moving from NYC to Philadelphia? Because Philly is cheaper.

So if you ever want to save some money, Zippy Shell of Greater Philadelphia, can help you relocate. They provide different services and will get you to your new home in Philly as fast as possible.

​The fourth reason why are people moving from NYC to Philadelphia is the housing market.

New York has one of the most expensive housing in the country. The difference in housing between Philadelphia and NYC are major:

  • According to median home income in New York is about 650,000 dollars. The median home income in Philadelphia is about 220,000 dollars which is 70,000 dollars lower than the national average. This means that you can buy almost three properties in Philly for the cost of one in New York.
  • Let’s check out the renting situation again according to The average rent in NYC is about 2300 dollars. In Philadelphia, the average rent is about 1600 dollars, 700 dollars less than the Big Apple. However, Philadelphia continues to surprises Philly has lower rent than the national average. From studio apartments to 4 bedroom homes/apartments the rent in Philly is cheaper in all of them. Not only compared to New York but also with the national average. For any first-time renter, check precious tips for first-time renters.

Most people keep their job in New York and get a New York salary which is higher than in Philly and live in the cheaper Philadelphia.

White house with green roof under maple trees
You can live in a bigger house in Philadelphia for les money.

​How to move to Philly from New York

If this reasons about why are people moving from New York to Philly convince you to move to Philadelphia, here is how to do it:

  • The first thing you need to do is get your New York condo or house in order. Get rid of unwanted belongings to save money on moving supplies.
  • When everything is organized invest in some high-quality moving supplies. Get cardboard and plastic boxes. Buy tape to tape the cardboard boxes shut.
  • Grab a simple marker for labeling.
  • To secure all of your items, buy wrapping supplies.
  • When you have the moving supplies, it is time to get your stuff ready to be loaded in the truck. You should pack room by room. Start from the bathroom because it is the easiest room to pack and will be a nice warm-up. The hard part begins when we enter the kitchen. There are many fragile things in the kitchen, so you have to be mindful of them and wrap them thoroughly. Your furniture should be wrap so that it does not get scathed in the truck.
  • When everything is packed. Get your friends together and load the truck. When the truck is loaded, treat your friends to some drinks and the famous New York takeout.
  • When you arrive in Philly, unpack as you see fit, the worst is done.

​The end

We hope that our reasons on why are people moving from NYC to Philadelphia teach you something. These are just some general observations people might have some private reason why they are leaving New York. Both cities are great and have their benefits. No matter where you move, you have to know about tips for handling post-move paperwork.