In 2020 many people from New York are leaving this state because of the coronavirus. Moreover, they are usually choosing more or less the same states for their fresh start. Here, in our article, you will learn more about the locations where New Yorkers are moving in 2020. Each of these places is unique in its own way and has many interesting things to offer to people who choose to relocate there with their families. So, without further ado, let’s see which places are the most common destinations for New Yorkers.


The first state on our list is Florida. Because of its sunny weather, beautiful beaches, and stunning sunsets, many New Yorkers are leaving NYC and moving there in 2020. Definitely, it is an ideal place for family fun, but also for relaxation. In addition, many elderly people choose Florida to spend there their golden years.

A beach in Florida which is a perfect choice for moving in 2020.

Many New Yorkers are choosing Florida for their new home in 2020 for it has many wonderful things to offer to all people who decide to move there.

Texas is one of the states New Yorkers are moving in 2020

The second location on our list is Texas. This state has to offer many excellent schools for kids. Furthermore, when higher education is in question, it also has good universities for people who want to study. So, if you plan to leave New York, we strongly advise you to hire a professional moving company. They can help relocating from this state for good.

A house in Texas.

People from New York who are moving to Texas in 2020 should hire professional movers for help.


People with children often choose to relocate to Connecticut in 2020 for their great educational system. Also, Connecticut has a lot to offer in terms of culture and history, which is very important to people who are moving out of New York City. If you are a food lover, you will be thrilled to find out that this state has excellent hamburgers. In addition, their beer is also great.


When moving in 2020, many New Yorkers choose Main for their new home. Especially the ones who love nature, for Maine has beautiful forests. In addition, it has many museums which can be ideal for people who like history. One of its museums is the telephone museum in Ellsworth. Also, the International Cryptozoology Museum in Portland is definitely the most popular museum in this state. Interestingly, it is dedicated to the studies of unknown animals, like Lake Monsters, Bigfoot, and Yetis.

A forest.

Some people from New York choose to move to Maine in 2020 with their families, especially the ones who love forests and nature in general.


Finally, some New Yorkers prefer relocating to Pennsylvania in 2020. Maybe the most important thing in this American state is the educational system. Namely, Pennsylvania has many excellent schools, both private and public. Also, its institutions of higher education are great. Most young people who decide to move there choose to enroll in one of its universities or colleges.