With Manhattan and Brooklyn stealing the spotlight, other NYC boroughs can sometimes fall into the background. However, that doesn’t mean they are not deserving of praise in numerous aspects. Queens, with its understated cool, is a perfect place of singles and young families alike. Plus, being the diverse place it is, you will surely feel accepted and at home. But, before you decide to move to Queens, read the rest of the article to know what to expect!


When it comes to diversity, Queens is the world’s, let alone the nation’s melting pot. It even holds the Guinness World Record for the most ethnically diverse urban area in the world! There are over 100 nationalities living here, with over 130 languages being spoken around the borough. Can you imagine the cultural mashup with so many different nationalities living next to each other? The food scene is filled with various ethnic cuisines, from Astoria’s Greek classics to Flushing’s Chinatown. Not to mention the tight-knit, friendly community which you can only experience if you decide to move to Queens.

picture of Queensbridge

With over 100 nationalities living in the borough, Queens is considered the world’s melting pot

Move to Queens for the most affordable NYC experience

When it comes to living in NYC on a budget, it is only logical that you should pick one of the affordable neighborhoods. For that reason, Queens is the best choice for living and buying a house, especially if you want to save money in the process. Compared to Manhattan, where the average rent is $4000 and the median price per square foot usually goes past $1000, the prices are up to 50% lower. Queens is also cheaper than other NYC areas when it comes to food utilities and the overall cost of living.

Confusing street names

While Queens may look orderly from above, street signs are a whole different story. Are you going to 68th Ave, 68th Rd or 68th Dr? Wait, what?! For this reason, make sure you hire a reputable moving company like www.familymoversxpress.com that knows their way around the borough. But what happens when you’re left on your own? Well, there’s a Queens hyphen system of addresses to help you out. Let’s take the address 98-3 67th Ave as an example. Here, 98 is the number of the closest cross avenue and the building number is 3 on 67th Avenue. It takes a while to get used to the street system, which is why a DIY move to Queens is not recommended.

A whole lot of museums

The culture here is flourishing, and Queens has the best museums on this side of the East River. With the eclectic mix of museums, you are sure to be educated or entertained. Here’s a list of the most famous ones:

  • PS 1 Contemporary Art Centre – A must-see destination for the arts in Long Island City

    Queens Museum

    Queens Museum is one of the most unexpected pleasures in the borough

  • Queens Museum – Located right next to the famous Unisphere, this museum offers diverse art exhibitions from all over the world
  • Moving Images Museum – This interactive museum is considered to be the best small museum in New York
  • NY Hall of Science – If you decide to move to Queens with your family, this museum focuses has interactive exhibits that kids absolutely adore
  • Queens County Farm Museum – Yes, you read that right – a farm’s museum! Great outdoor fun for an entire family, plus the weekend festivals!