You can hear a lot about packing and moving. But, what is about packing supplies? How to collect them and what to collect? Moving is a new chapter in your life. You will be stressed out, happy, sad, excited, all at the same time. And it is normal. When you start with moving preparation, one of the first things are essential moving and packing supplies. What packing supplies you should use when moving and what packing materials you should use for your household goods? Answers to all those important questions, you can find here. Moving and packing can be easy, you just need proper and the best packing supplies.

Packing supplies you should use when moving

Preparation for moving may seem easy and simple at the first sign. Most people say that it is just a couple of boxes and a tape. But, when you will start to think about packing materials for moving, you will see how complicated it is without any tips. If you want a successful move, then you should be prepared and organized and to make sure you choose the right packing supplies. All the things you need for packing to move are not just boxes. It is much more. And what are those packing supplies you should use when moving, you can learn here? Yes, so let’s begin.

Boxes of different sizes

Collect boxes of different sizes. You can buy them or get them for free in the local stores or supermarkets, for example. The costs of the relocation depend on the size and weight of your boxes, distance, and other factors. If you are worried about the costs, you can calculate the costs in advance and set your budget. If you want to buy boxes from the moving company it will cost you about $1 per box depending on the size, of course. You should collect enough boxes for all your belongings. Ask your friends to borrow you moving boxes if you do not want to buy them.

Labeling materials

If you want to improve box labeling then you should have a proper labeling material. A little organization can help you a lot. Buy colorful marker pen and label each box right after you put the items inside. Each person in the house can have its own color, so you will know who is the owner of the box and what is inside. Or you can use one color for each room too. That can be very helpful if you have a big family or a big home.

Labeled boxes in different sizes.

Label all your boxes and use the best quality tape.

Box tape

Buy the best box tape you can find in a store. Tapes are not equal as many people think. So, do not grad the cheapest duct tape you see on the selves. Why is this so important. Well, if your boxes going to be in the storage then the plastic tape is not a good choice because they are weak, difficult to manage and tough to unroll. A good packing tape will make your move much easier. You should spend about $15 on a good tape. Do not be cheap because, in the end, it may cost you a lot more.


Do not throw plastic bags. First of all, It is not good for the environment, second of all you will need them, for sure. You can use your sandwich bags for the small pieces of your furniture. Also, grocery bags can be useful and it will give an extra protection to your items before you pack them and put them in the box.

Wrapping materials

Newspapers, bubble foil, packing peanuts…Now you can see how much packing supplies you will need. Especially for fragile items because they need a special treatment if you do not want to damage them. If you do not have any experience with moving and you are scared to pack and move all those items by yourself, visit They can pack all the belongings you have and move them to the final destination safe.

Hand truck

If you have, and you probably do, heavy boxes or furniture, get some hand truck for loading and unloading things from the moving truck. Dollies can be useful too. Packing is a complex job, so make a plan ahead. Hand truck will protect you from carrying heavy and large boxes while packing. Unpacking boxes are also the important step of moving. So, you can use your hand truck then too.

A hand truck for moving.

Use a hand truck for loading and unloading boxes from a truck or van.

Furniture pads and covers

You have all the packing supplies you should use when moving, but you cannot pack your furniture. What about that? Use your blankets as furniture pads if you want to save money or you do not move that often. You should use them if you do not want to damage the floors. On the other hand, you should protect your sofa and other furniture. So, cover them while moving. Plastic covers can be purchased. It is much cheaper to buy furniture covers than to pay for cleaning or to buy a new one if you damage them.

Create moving supplies checklist before packing

Creating a checklist is a big plus. Why? Because it can help you not to forget anything. From the beginning till the end of moving. So, if you want to make your move easy and stressless, begin with creating a checklist. And the first checklist should be about packing supplies you should use when moving because you cannot move without your belongings. Write all down and find a good mover. With all those hacks, you won’t forget anything and your belongings will be safe and undamaged.

Packing supplies checklist.

Creating a checklist will help you not to forget anything. From packing to the moving and day after moving.