Thinking about moving out of New York and start living in another city, but you are not sure where to start living? Well, we suggest Washington DC. Before you relocate to the capital city, it is a good thing to study our Washington DC guide newcomers from NYC. Keep in mind that this guide will definitely help you adapt really fast and get a better image of the city. Also, finding out how to organize your moving process is one of the important things. Let us present to you all the things you should know and consider before you start living in Washington DC.

What newcomers from NYC should know about Washington DC?

So, as somebody who is planning to live in Washington, you should know the following things:

  • A lot of interesting places to visit and see. – As we have mentioned, Washington is the capital city of the USA. So, it means that there are a lot of historic places to visit and see. On the other hand, there are also plenty of places for young adults.
  • Beautiful neighborhoods. – With a population of over 684,000 people, there are a lot of neighborhoods in the city that are beautiful for living.
  • The costs of living are high.- For newcomers from NYC, you should know that the costs can be higher. Still, with a good budget organization, you can make them affordable.
  • Good getaway destinations near Washington. – The final thing is that you can always go for a weekend in Shenandoah National Park. It is near the capital city and you can spend quality time there.

We have presented to you the most important things you should know before you start living in Washington. Now, speaking about the moving process, we have mentioned that you have to be prepared properly for it. For example, you have to create a plan, see if the moving expenses are taxable, and many other things.

A street in Washington DC
Neighborhoods in Washington are beautiful.

Look for movers who are from Washington

In the case that you have bought a place in Washington and you are staying in a rented place in this city, you should look for professional assistance from Washington. Since we are talking about the capital city, there are a lot of moving options to choose from. In other words, you can find help to settle within the area. You just have to set the exact moving date and see if movers are available.

Rent a storage unit for your belongings

If you simply do not have enough space until you move to your new home in Washington, here is another useful tip for newcomers from NYC. We have mentioned that there are a lot of moving options to choose from. This also means that most companies offer storage services. So, you can find additional space to keep your belongings safe. Just define how many belongings you have and what type of storage unit you will need.

Storage units
Rent a storage unit for your goods.

Guide for newcomers from NYC will make a life in Washington a lot easier

In the end, we can agree that this Washington DC guide will definitely help newcomers from NYC to adapt to Washington with ease. Not only have you discovered more about Washington, but you also know some useful tips and tricks for preparing for the relocation process properly.