There are lots of incredible places in Virginia according to New Yorkers, that can be perfect for starting a new life. So, if you are planning on leaving NYC, you can rest knowing you won’t have any trouble finding a great area in this state to become your next home. Still, to make that search a bit easier, you might want to keep reading this text. Below, you will discover which 6 locations in VA are most recommended for New Yorkers!

1 – Roanoke is one of the best places for living in Virginia according to New Yorkers

Well, when you begin exploring Virginia, make sure to check out what Roanoke has at your disposal. This amazing city will offer you an urban environment. Also, here, you will enjoy its cultural events, attractions, activities, and recreational options. Apart from that, Roanoke is also home to affordable costs of living and housing, and you will get lots of job opportunities, etc. In other words, whatever you need to start a new chapter, you can find it in Roanoke. So, instead of worrying about that, prepare yourself for a move to Virginia. Learn how to handle moving out of NYC like a pro, collect some packing hacks, etc. Thanks to those, you will relocate to Roanoke in no time.

Women are exploring one of the best places in Virginia according to New Yorkers.
The next location you should check out is, for sure, Norfolk!

2 – Norfolk is a great place in Virginia for settling down according to New Yorkers

This is another location that might be worthy of your attention. You see, in Norfolk, you will have a chance to enjoy numerous benefits. For example, you will like the atmosphere in this area, the beautiful coastline, the friendly people, etc. 

If you think Norfolk is perfect for New Yorkers, do not waste your time and move here! Just do your best to prepare for that relocating project, and everything will be all right. While making moving arrangements, it is recommendable to go on a website such as There, you will find lots of tips and tricks that you can use to simplify that household transition. Thanks to those, you will be able to execute that relocation to Norfolk like a pro. 

3 – Alexandria has lots of things to offer to New Yorkers too

If you pick Alexandria to be your new home, you also won’t regret coming here. This incredible city will offer you lots of reasons to stay and start a new chapter. In Alexandria, you will have plenty of job opportunities at your disposal. Apart from that, in this city, you will love spending time in restaurants, bars, etc. Also, you should know that in Alexandria, you will enjoy a charming environment. And, while wandering around, you will see clean streets, stunning buildings, monuments, museums, etc.

However, before you begin exploring Alexandria, you need to become a resident. To take care of that process, you must learn how to perform the move. Therefore, collect some last-minute decluttering tips before relocation, packing hacks, etc. Thanks to those, you will have everything you need to complete that moving project in no time.

A couple is walking.
Take your time to explore some of the best places in Virginia according to New Yorkers, so you can find yourself the perfect location to become your new home!

4 – Reasons why you should move to Chantilly

  • Everything you need in Chantilly is pretty much within walking distance.
  • Also, you will like its proximity to Alexandria, VA, Washington, DC, etc.
  • Apart from those benefits, if you have a family, you can also consider moving to Chantilly. Here, you will have great educational opportunities at your disposal, lots of kid-friendly attractions and activities for enjoyment, etc. 
  • For those who like spending time in nature, life in Chantilly won’t be a bad choice either. This part of Virginia will offer you, Chantilly Park, Cub Run Stream Valley Park in Centreville, VA, and more.
  • You should know that Chantilly is home to various community events, entertainment options, etc.

So, if you think Chantilly should become your next home, you might want to move there. To take care of that relocating project like a pro, it is recommendable to work with experts. With local movers from Chantilly as your partners, you will be able to finish this move in no time. They have everything you might require to safely place your belongings in your new home. Therefore, when the time is right for you to start a new life in Chantilly, thanks to these relocating professionals, you will be able to move in and settle down in your residence with ease. 

5 – Virginia Beach is also one of the top places in Virginia according to New Yorkers

If you decide to relocate to Virginia Beach, you can expect to have lots of benefits at your disposal. For sure, you will like its location, weather conditions, and recreational opportunities. Also, you will love what Virginia Beach has to offer when it comes to attractions, activities, and entertainment options. In other words, you won’t have anything to worry about when adapting to new circumstances. However, if you need any assistance overcoming that period, you should check out some apps that can help you cope with homesickness after leaving NYC. Thanks to those, you can prep for starting a new life in Virginia Beach in no time. 

Virginia Beach, VA.
As you can see, Virginia Beach has plenty of reasons to become your next home!

6 – Bon Air will also blow your mind

If you decide to come to Bon Air, you can also prepare yourself for having lots of fun in this suburb of Richmond! You see, Bon Air is one of the best places for living in Virginia according to New Yorkers. So, if you are planning on leaving NYC for this area, you won’t make a mistake. In Bon Air, you will have the chance to enjoy various attractions and activities. Also, Bon Air will be a great choice if you are thinking of settling down. It is a great environment for raising a family, growing old, etc.