People from all around the world dream about what it would be like to jump into the cultural melting pot that is New York City. Even though all of the boroughs have so many excellent qualities to offer, none quite fit as Manhattan. Manhattan is the tiny island between the Hudson River and East River, where the legendary, illustrious skyscrapers tower into the sky, like the dreams of the people who live there. After moving to Manhattan you will get your first impression of what America is about. So many of the nightly news and talk shows viewed by families all over America from morning until nighttime is filmed right in Manhattan.

Sunset in Manhattan

Moving to Manhattan might be the best decision you ever maid.

Manhattan can feel like it is at the center of the universe. And it is no wonder why so many people are drawn to visit and live in this area. People come here from all around the world. They can be your new neighbor or co-worker. Manhattan gives you an opportunity to experience a completely new culture, food, or way of life.

Moving to Manhattan – what you need to know

When you are about moving to Manhattan you are going to need tips on how to prepare for a move. Finding housing in New York is more than aggressive, it is an absolute nightmare. With rent so high, and the fact that you will be competing with literally hundreds of other transplants, sublets, and locals looking for a great deal on a room, it’s a jungle. You better come ready with your papers and money. And, of course, you can hire an agent to help you, but that means even more money.

NYC transportation

Manhattan’s public transportation system is stellar, with taxis, buses and, of course, the subway to get you to your destination. Public transportation is your best friend/worst enemy, and you have lots of options.

Yellow cabs on street on NYC

Transportation in NYC is very expensive!

The New York City subway is the most impressive system in the world, but it will cost you big time if you don’t have a monthly pass. Download an offline subway map for your phone because most lines don’t have Wi-Fi underground. Ubers and cabs are available, but they too will break your bank if you rely on them too much. The bus is slow but reliable. As for driving your own car? Just don’t. Driving, particularly in Manhattan, is especially difficult, and parking is extremely expensive. If you plan to keep your car, your best option is not to drive it, but to store it. You can hang on to the vehicle for trips out of town, but you won’t need it on a daily basis. An affordable vehicle storage unit is the best option.

How to find a moving company?

When you are moving to Manhattan you should be aware of the importance of high-quality professional assistance. Poor moving service is one of the worst things that can happen throughout the relocation process in NYC. So it is important to know how to find a good mover. When you are about to start your research, make sure you are able to identify trustworthy NYC movers from fraudulent movers.

Describe the task that you need to be done. Like help with packing or with large items, or you need someone to move your entire apartment. Each task has their own hourly rate, along with user reviews and recommendations. Depending on what you need, prices vary. A reputable moving company will send the agent to evaluate your belongings and give you an accurate moving estimate in writing. They will reveal all fees and possible additional charges for moving certain items and some special packing material. It is highly recommended to get quotes from several moving companies and compare them.

Downsize your belonging

If you are moving to Manhattan you should know that square footage is at a premium. Residents looking to buy rather than rent a home in the city saw prices hit a whopping $1,759 per square foot. The easiest way to save money on Manhattan apartments is to downsize to as few belongings as possible. Prepare to use up every last inch of your closets. Staying organized will help you maximize your space. Clean out your closets and prepare to give anything that you don’t use anymore. For items that you don’t need regularly but can’t bear to ditch, a self-storage unit offers a low-cost solution.

Manhattan’s best neighborhoods

Moving to New York is a big decision to make. And when you’re asking yourself where to live in Manhattan, you have to figure out which neighborhood you should call home. NYC is often referred to as a series of small towns, each with its own unique personality. With more than 50 to choose from in Manhattan alone, you have quite a bit of homework to do. You can consider these neighborhoods that are some of the best places for moving to Manhattan – depending on your lifestyle, budget, and interests.

When you are moving to Manhattan, you must go to Battery Park, even just for a walk.

When you are moving to Manhattan you will want to find your perfect place to relax!

  • Upper West Side is a place where you can see families pushing strollers, and walking dogs. On weekends, Newyorkers are settling in for brunch at mainstays like Sarabeth’s. Of course, it’s not all residential. There’s culture, in the form of the American Museum of Natural History, the Beacon Theatre and Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts. And plenty of shopping, eating, and nightlife as well.
  • Lenox Hills neighborhood promises uptown life. Royal pre-war apartment buildings line Park and Fifth Avenues, also two of the most expensive blocks of real estate in New York City. Expect to pay at least $5,000 for a luxury one-bedroom apartment near Central Park. In a non-doorman building closer to the East River, a one-bedroom apartment can be had in the $2,000 to $2,500 range.
  • Washington Heights is a very soulful and lovely neighborhood. It’s a large Dominican population, with a good number of Latin restaurants. Washington Heights is one of Manhattan’s cheapest places to live. There’s a stock of apartments that fall under the $2,000-per-month price tag.
  • Battery Park is a favorite choice among families. It always ranks among the safest neighborhoods in New York City.