Are you considering moving to the Sunshine State for the winter months? There’s no need to worry about the long drive down the East Coast with all the car shipping options available. Why spend your time and money when you can book a professional driver who can do the job for you? Shipping a car can be a breeze – if you choose the right company. Read the rest of the article to find out the details.

Research comes first

When moving to Florida, you’ll have to organize your move on many fronts, car shipping included. In order to prevent the last-minute panic, it’s crucial you choose the right company and book your shipment on time. But how do you know if the company is reputable? The first step is to check the online presence of the local companies – read the reviews, letters of recommendation, and compare quotes.

In order to not fall victim to fake praise, read third-party review sites to be on the safe side. Respectable companies like will include a list of the services they cover in case you have special requirements. Another great tip is to check their rating with Better Business Bureau.

Review stars.

When choosing a shipping company it’s crucial to look at their online reputation.

Weight your options

While doing research, you’ll notice that when shipping a car you’re faced with two basic options: open or enclosed transport. What you choose depends mostly on your budget, the level of protection, and your own preferences. Open auto transport usually has open-air carriers that can fit up to 10 vehicles. Moving a car to or from Florida in an open trailer will be the cheaper option.

However, your insurance won’t cover damage in transit. Although it rarely happens, it’s important to know accidents such as rocks chipping your car can occur. For this reason, classic or exotic car shipping should be done in enclosed auto transport carriers. They are fully covered so your car will be protected from damage as well as bad weather conditions. However, they are also considerably costly – up to $350 more than the standard open air carriers.

A miniature car on some coins.

When shipping an expensive car, the best option is to do so in an enclosed trailer so that your car is fully protected.

What to keep in mind when shipping a car?

There are a couple more details you need to be aware of before you seal the deal with the company of your choice. Take notes!

  • Document all imperfections – The best way to do this is to take pictures of your car, documenting all scratches and rust spot prior to shipping.
  • Prepare your vehicles for transit – Is your car operable? If not, make sure to notify the company as they will need special equipment to load and unload it. Secure or remove car accessories and other valuables. Make sure that your tank is only a quarter full – the lighter the better.
  • Door-to-door service – These trucks can be up to 70 feet long, so they might not be able to access your street. Be prepared to meet your driver somewhere close where they can safely load your vehicle onto a trailer.
  • The arrival date – Shipping a car from NYC to FL usually takes 3-5 days. In these cases, ask the company if they have a tracking option available so that your anxiety can be at a minimum.