So, you want to sell your New York apartment, and you don’t know how to do it? Don’t you worry, we got your back. Selling an apartment can seem like a risky job, especially if you don’t know where to start. There are many dilemmas that can arise. For example, for how much money can you sell it? To answer this, and many other questions, we have gathered some tips for you and your apartment in New York. So, here are some tips for selling your New York City apartment.

Offer your buyers what they need

Try not to overflow your buyers with items to sell. Your goal is to sell your apartment, and not to make a backyard sale. For example, don’t offer them the furniture you no longer need. Try to sell them what they have come for – a New York City apartment. Remember that New York is one of the richest cities in the world, and you’ll almost certainly sell your apartment at the right price. Maybe you don’t want to sell your apartment right away, you can even rent it. Decorating your rental apartment is a little bit different than when selling your New York apartment.

Give them some useful recommendations

Try to be as helpful to your potential buyers as you can. Offer them some really useful advice. Recommend them some good moving companies like Dynamic Movers NYC. We also recommend them to you.

Also, you can offer to help them organize their New York City move.

Clean your apartment beforehand

One of the biggest things people forget to do before they sell their homes is to clean them. Clean your carpets, paint your walls again, make your apartment unbelievably clean. That can raise the price of your apartment significantly. Buyers tend to go with their first impression, and that you can make by keeping your apartment clean and shiny. Also, don’t forget to clean your windows and tables. Keep your apartment decluttered, and try to sell them what they are looking for. But if you’re in a hurry, you can clean your apartment in a day. Selling your New York apartment isn’t that hard actually. Especially if they’re moving from a small city to New York.

Clean and spotless sink

Keep your bathroom as clean as possible

Dive into their heads, and consider what kind of apartment would you buy. Would you rather buy a dirty or clean apartment? Try to bring in as much natural light as you can, since humans are greatly affected by the weather. The closed and cramped apartment can reduce the price of your apartment significantly. The goal is to make your buyers imagine a new life in your New York City apartment. Also, make sure that your apartment smells nice. Buy some air fresheners, and try to make them go with the style of your apartment. If your apartment is next to a park, buy some natural smells, if your apartment is next to a restaurant or a bar, try to bring a little bit of that atmosphere to your apartment. Selling your New York apartment should be easier that way. You want your buyers to imagine settling down in your new NYC home.

Keep visuals clean and simple when you’re trying to sell your New York apartment

Also, keep the visuals clean and simple, Choose a simple color scheme for your apartment. You don’t want your apartment to look kitschy and cluttered with colors and sensations. Make your bathroom clean, sparkly and fresh. You want your buyers to feel comfortable in your bathroom. Your bedroom should have a dreamy feeling. Selling New York apartment goes through the atmosphere first. Your buyers need to feel like they could go into your bed and fall asleep immediately. But some dreamy lighting in your bedroom, that should be good advice. So, to summarize, you need to make your buyers as comfortable as possible. Speak about the advantages of your apartment first. Don’t mention the disadvantages first. If there are some, say them in a subtle manner. But be sure to remove any problems in your apartment first anyway.

Bedroom that is a little bit messy.

Clean your room before selling your New York City apartment!

Try not to mention common acquaintances

Try not to mention common acquaintances to your possible buyer. You may mention someone who your potential buyer doesn’t stand. And trust us, that may be the first and the last time you’ll see your buyer. Keep a conversation about an apartment, and don’t wander off too much in your conversation. Your buyers need to make a nice picture about you, and sometimes, although chances are slim, mentioning a common acquaintance can make you look like an unwanted person. Who knows who you may encounter in your mission to sell your apartment. Remember, the first impression makes half of the impression. So, stay organized on your moving day, or when you’re trying to sell your apartment.

Keep your rooms open

If you have to much stuff in your room, that can make your rooms in your apartment seem smaller. Sometimes, your buyers will not care about the square footage or other numbers tied to your New York City apartment. so, try to keep your rooms as open as possible. If you have to much stuff that clutters your rooms, try to get rid of them. Sell them, donate them or throw them away. If you’re moving from NYC to another place, there will be some things that you’ll miss.

Beautiful white room to show that selling your New York City apartment is much easier if you keep it tidy

Try to let in as much natural light as you can

You can organize a backyard sale, or sell your stuff through the internet. That is a great way to get some cash on the side. That way you can get some money back. You can even donate your stuff that you don’t need and that makes your apartment cluttered. There are many donation centers that will gladly accept your stuff. Or simply throw the stuff you don’t need away. Clutter will only make your potential buyers think that something else in your apartment is broken or not working properly. They’ll see you as an unorganized person, and that can reduce the price of your New York City apartment significantly.

Allow your potential buyers to take a tour

It is of utmost importance that you allow your potential buyers to see everything they want in your New York City apartment. More often than not, buyers will want to check everything before they buy an apartment. So, make sure that everything in your apartment is functioning properly, and that everything is clean. Hopefully, selling your New York City apartment should be easier with those tips.