If you need to relocate your art studio from NYC or to NYC, where to start and how to do it properly? When moving your New York City art studio, you will need the right guide to follow, to make your job easier, and to keep your art pieces safe. We have tips to help you out with the moving process.

Hiring a company for moving your New York City art studio is the best option

Many artists want to live in NYC because it is a hot spot. It has many galleries, different people, theaters, and the art scene is great. Some artists flock to Brooklyn because life there is cheaper than in Manhattan.

But, the next question is how to transport all your items from the art studio to a new place safely? Even the smallest damage can be costly and it can ruin your artwork. Because of this, it is best to hire a professional moving company that is specialized in moving arts and artwork.

One of the companies to consider is Movage Moving NYC because they have a lot of experience with moving these special items, without damages. Moving fine arts is not simple and it is very stressful, and having the right help is crucial. Before you hire one of the companies, check their license, insurance, experience, and read online moving reviews.

If you are professional artist or you own an art studio, moving all the items is a delicate work

Painting supplies.

Packing your artwork properly

As we all know, art pieces come in different shapes and sizes. In case you are moving your New York City art studio, you will probably wonder about the best way to transport your pieces with utmost care. These are some of the tips that may help you.

  • If you are packing expensive art pieces like artwork in frames, it is important to properly protect the surface and to fold protective materials around the piece and secure the edges. If your artwork has glass parts, make sure to protect the glass with tape. The tape has to cross the glass to the edges. This way it will be more protected when moving your New York City art studio. On the other hand, professional movers usually use specific artwork boxes in different sizes.
  • In case you are moving ceramics and sculptures, you should make sure you use plenty of styrofoam or packing peanuts to pack those pieces properly. You will also need big size cardboard boxes that can fit your art pieces, or bigger and fully protect the item.
  • When moving artwork you should be careful. Unpacking boxes may seem the easiest part of the job, however, you should be extra careful.
If you can't pack art studio by yourself, hire experienced packers

Boxes for moving your New York City art studio.

The best thing about moving is that when it’s all over you will be able to enjoy your new space with your artwork. Moving your New York City art studio should not be a nightmare. If you see you cannot do it alone there are always skilled professional movers that can help you.