Bulky items such as beds and mattresses are not that difficult to move. However, the process is more than just – pick it up and carry it to the new location. To make sure your items are not damaged during transport, it’s necessary to know some techniques in packing and carrying them. That’s why we’re here with some useful tips for moving a mattress – it will be much easier for you, and your mattress will remain as good as new.

Pillows on a bed.
Even though it seems simple, moving a mattress can be tricky.

Do you need professional moving services for moving a mattress?

In some cases, it’s best to leave it to the moving professionals. This is very useful when you need to move in a rush or have no time to organize everything related to the move. Also, if you’re on your own, it’s almost impossible to move heavy items like this. However, if you have some friends or relatives to help you out, and also ant to save some money on the move – let’s learn how to DIY a mattress move – like a pro.

What’s the size of your mattress?

The first step in moving a mattress is checking/measuring its size. This way, you will be able to plan your next step. Most of the bigger mattresses are in the king (76 inches wide) or queen size (60 inches wide). Apart from the width, the difference is also in one other characteristic – king-size beds are often split, and that makes them easier to handle, even though they are bigger than queen size beds. Also, measuring your mattress will help you plan the route to the new bedroom – which is especially important if there are some staircases, or narrow doors or hallways.

A bedroom after moving a mattress
Know the measurements when moving a mattress – it will help you plan the relocation.

Protect the mattress

Before you start, try to get a mattress bag. It is a great thing to have to protect your mattress from dirt, water, and damage during transport. These are inexpensive ways to protect a much more expensive mattress.

Disassemble the bed

It’s much easier to move the bed if you disassemble it. Make sure you put all the nuts and bolts into a separate bag, so you don’t lose them during transport.

Get necessary supplies

After your help arrives, it’s time to move the mattress to the truck. First, make sure you have all the necessary supplies. You will need:

  • a dolly – in case you’re dealing with a very heavy piece.
  • moving straps
  • wrapping protection and tape, to additionally protect the mattress and the bed parts.
  • a truck – make sure you pick the right size truck, depending on the size and number of mattresses you’re moving.

Carrying and loading

When moving a mattress, it’s essential to clear the way from your bedroom to the moving truck. Also, be sure to carry the mattress lengthwise, and use moving straps or a dolly if you also need to move a bed frame. And finally, after you load the mattress, you can use the same moving straps to secure it so it doesn’t move while you’re driving. Have a safe move!