Handling paperwork is, for most people, an irritating procedure. If you got to point B and are thankful that everything came to an end, we jump in, saying it’s not over yet. We found out from  NYC Moving that unpacking is not the only thing left, to your misfortune. There’s such thing as post-move paperwork, yes we know… Luckily, once you deal with it, you’re officially done. Hooray! Now, let’s see how you can handle post-move paperwork easily, with no trouble, and bring this whole process to an end, finally.

Table of content:

  • research
  • insurance company
  • bank and post office
  • address and phone number
  • post-move paperwork related to health
  • education institution documents
  • driver’s license

Research post-move paperwork

Before the moving day comes, do a little research on after-move paperwork. Knowing in advance what you are dealing with will make it a lot easier when the day for handling paperwork comes. Moreover, you can write some notes as a reminder of what you’ll need to complete this task.


Once you’ve finished with relocation, check whether something is missing or damaged. Should it be the case, contact your insurance company and ask what is the procedure and which documents you need to bring with you.

A woman making a phone call
Should something get damaged, contact your insurance company immediately.

Bank and postal services

After having stick to moving day etiquette rules and completed the challenge successfully, you should notify your bank and post office of your changing address. Having handled the necessary paperwork, you’ll get to use your cards without any problem.

Dealing with post-move paperwork regarding the address

You need to change your address along with all the services and subscriptions and the phone number. If you use a few services, handling post-move paperwork will be a piece of cake. If not, get ready for plenty of dotted lines.

Health comes first

One’s health and well-being are invaluable. After moving medical records, you should arrange to see a doctor as early as you can. You’ll have to schedule as many appointments as there are members of a family. 

A doctor
Contacting a doctor is the prime thing.

Taking care of your driver’s license

If crossing the borders of the state and before even applying cleaning strategies for a new home, make sure to take care of your driver’s license. These are the steps to follow:

  • transfer a driver’s license
  • update the registration
  • check up on the insurance policy
  • contact the local Department of Motor Vehicles and ask about required paperwork

Handling post-move paperwork related to education

Before the ‘real’ adjusting after relocation can begin, there’s some paperwork to be done. Before your kids start going to a new school or university and making new friendships, you need to transfer documents. Every school is a school for itself, and that is why you should contact a representative and ask which documents you need.

Once you finish with post-move paperwork, it’s time for adjusting, exploring, and putting the roots down. Good luck!