Apartment hunting in New York City can be very stressful, so you need a guide. You also need to be smart, pragmatic, and willing to take chances. There will be many challenges and it is especially difficult if you’re moving for the first time in NYC. So, here are some tips for finding an apartment for rent in NYC.

Moving to a city that never sleeps comes with realizing that renting in NYC can be an overwhelming experience. Trying to discover how to find the perfect first apartment in NYC means facing a series of difficulties. You may also find the process overly confusing and overwhelming. But, these tips for finding an apartment for rent in NYC can help you. So, make sure you follow them.

New York Apartments Street - Finding an apartment for rent in NYC
Use this tips for finding an apartment for rent in NYC.

Get to know NYC – Start the process of finding an apartment to rent in NYC at least one month before relocating

Hunting the perfect apartment in NYC is possible only if you first get to know the city and its boroughs. It’s ideal if you have a friend who will let you be there for a couple of weeks until you gather information and hunt apartment. However, if that’s not possible, consider learning about each borough of NYC as much as you can. Also, check out online rental listings and websites for finding apartments in NYC. It will help you get a feel of apartments people to offer in every borough and neighborhood. Then, try to imagine yourself living there. 

It is very important to get as much information as possible before hiring Simplify Valet Storage & Moving and moving here. The goal is to know, as best as you can, the conditions and choices you may face when apartment-hunting. So, try your best to find out as much as you can about this city before you relocate.

Determinate your budget

If you did your research about the city and apartments, you should know the range of prices that are offered in your ideal neighborhood and borough. Also, make sure you know the boundaries of each neighborhood in which you’re interested. Mistaking them can make you think you’re getting a great deal in a great neighborhood when you’re not.

Then, determine your budget to see how much you can set aside for monthly rent and all additional fees. The biggest advice here is to be realistic and careful. Don’t grab more than you can chew. You should know that for the amount of money you’ve been paying for your previous spacious apartment in some other location, you’ll probably get a tiny apartment in NYC. So, you’ll most likely need a pick-up storage unit to put some of your belongings. This is a handy solution for extra items, but it will cost you. So make sure you incorporate it into your budget.

Home Money Coin - Finding an apartment for rent in NYC
Set your budget properly.

Then, know much money will you spend on rent in a certain neighborhood. Also, ask yourself, is this apartment worth its price. The consensus is that you need to earn a yearly salary that’s about 40 times the monthly rent. So, if you’re paying more than that, you’re rent-burdened.

Visit apartments and spend time in the neighborhood 

Next on this list of tips for finding an apartment for rent in NYC is planning an apartment visit. But, keep in mind that many buildings show units only during regular business hours, during the week. So, if you see an apartment you like, e-mail or call them immediately. Don’t wait for anything, contact them and set up an appointment or your apartment will end up with someone else. 

Also, if it’s possible for you, try to spend time in the neighborhood and feel the apartment, especially if you’re moving to NYC with family. See if that’s your ideal neighborhood to live in? Does it feel like you can live there? Is it safe? Are there schools nearby? What about the traffic? Answer these questions honestly before the final decision.

Get your paperwork in order when finding an apartment for rent in NYC

Since NYC is such a competitive market and there is a quick rental turnover, having your paperwork ready before you look is a must. So, make sure you bring along a copy of your most recent pay stubs, tax returns from the past two years, a color copy of your ID. Also, bring a list of personal and professional references, and your current credit report to be ahead of the competition. When you find the perfect apartment, you’ll need a certified check for the first month’s rent. Also, you’ll need the amount of one month’s rent for a security deposit. So, make sure you have all this ready.

Beware of bedbugs and scams

Nobody wants to think at night about bedbugs. So, research the building for any recent bedbug registrations before you seal the deal. If bedbugs are detected and nobody isn’t dealing with the issue, this may be a problem. So, take precautions before signing a lease.

Another tip for finding an apartment for rent in NYC is to beware of scams. Just like these are moving scams, and you need to know how to recognize fraudulent moving companies, there are apartment scams too. With a high demand for rental in the city, it’s no surprise that you’ll run into a scam or two along the way. If the deal seems too good to be true, it may be a sign of a scam. Also, be careful when you came up with words like cozy, charming, and unique. It can translate to shoe-box-sized apartments, old and outdated features, or bizarre layouts. Another term you can face is converted. That means an additional room has been created using a fake or temporary wall. Therefore, a converted two-bedroom apartment means you’ll rent a one-bedroom one that’s rigged with walls that weren’t there originally.

Apartment Building NYC
Be aware of scams when finding an apartment and learn how to avoid them.

In conclusion – Tips for finding an apartment for rent in NYC

Finding an apartment for rent in NYC is pretty much about fate. So, if you don’t get accepted or if someone else beats you to put down the deposit, don’t despair. It just wasn’t meant to be. But, there are dozens of other apartments waiting for you, and perhaps they’re even better. Just play your game right, plan your strategy, and use these tips for finding an apartment for rent in NYC. Good luck.