We all have to face it that a basement is a storage place that gets neglected the most. The idea of cleaning out the house usually ends up by relocating the clutter to the basement. In this way, the basement gets cluttered with the stuff we usually don’t need but want to keep just in case. Well, this clutter tends to pile up. So from time to time, it is a good idea to clean out and declutter your basement. Here are a few tips for decluttering your basement that will work wherever you are, New York, Jersey, or Philly.

The root of the problem

Well, the basement is one of the places that help us forget about all of the things we store there. The term out of sight out of mind is the precise definition. so, over time we all end up with a cluttered basement full of stuff that we don’t even know we have. Keeping them just in case and never using them just takes up space and is a hazard. Realistically, anything that you have there and haven’t put to use in 3, 4, or 5 years you don’t need. These items are prime candidates for a decluttering process.

Clutter in the basement
Make sure you dive in to the chaos in the basement and sort it out

How to start – tips for decluttering your basement

First, you have to face the fact that the process will not be quick. Basement decluttering usually takes days and considerable help from anyone available. The process can be summed up in at least four steps:

  • Take inventory
  • Organize and sort
  • Lighten your load
  • Pack and store


Chances are that you do not know what you have stored in your basement over time. The first step is to take an inventory. A good idea is to compartmentalize your basement and handle it section by section. This will help you stay organized and assess what you are dealing with. Make note of the children’s clothes, toys, old tools, furniture, or appliances. The inventory will help you create a rough picture of what you will have to deal with and how.

An unorganized dresser calls for decluttering your basement.
Make sure to create an organization system

Organize and sort

The first step of actually decluttering your basement is to sort things out and organize them. Make two primary piles of the things you will keep and the things to get rid of. In addition, sort the thing that you will keep. For example, keep all of the Christmas ornaments together. The toys you will keep should be sorted together. Winter, summer o kids’ clothes should be grouped together, etc.

Lighten the load

Once you have everything that you don’t need sorted its time to lighten the load. Get everything out of the basement and decide what to do. Dispose off the things that are for throwing away. Other stuff you can give away to friends and family that might need them. Some stuff you can try to sell or you might be generous and give away or donate it to charity.

A man looking at a bag in a garage sale
Make sure you get rid of the surplus by throwing it out, donating or selling it

Pack and store

Everything you decide to keep should be properly packed, labeled and stored. Make sure to clearly label the boxes and bins for easier management. For this purpose you can buy and use permanent labels, removable label or markers. Proper labeling and organization will be key foe easier handling and finding of the items in you basement.

So, your basement doesn’t have to be a storage nightmare. With some of these easy tips for decluttering your basement you can keep everything in check and well organized.