Time has come to clean your apartment. Where to begin and how to do it to avoid stress and headaches? It would be nice that you can just wave a magic broom and make it all go away. Sadly, that is not the case. One thing is to have some dust here and there. And the other to hoard and drag old and unused items all over the apartment. Therefore, let us help you with tiresome and boring downsizing process. Hopefully, this article will provide enough information on how to declutter your NYC apartment.

When is the best time to declutter your NYC apartment?

Greatly exploited and most useful time to declutter your NYC apartment is during a move. Start by inspecting the areas of your apartment and do not forget the garage and the attic as well. Those are the places that you might neglect and usually, places with most of the clutter. Cover room by room and in no time, you will get rid of the broken furniture, old clothes, and small appliances etc. Next step would be to find a reliable moving company. Enjoy your relocation knowing that you will move into your new home clutter-free.

Moving box with a house key

Move into your new home, free of clutter

A happy wallet

Not only that you’ll start fresh and clutter-free but decluttering before a move is a money saver as well. Once you calculate a moving budget and realize you saved a couple of hundreds of dollars by throwing stuff away. You can make your cargo smaller and instead of a big one, book a medium size of a moving truck. Also, the less stuff you have, less manpower and hours spent on the move are required. Who thought that throwing stuff away can bring prosperity. Clearing your apartment of clutter has a positive effect on your mental health, but on your wallet as well.

Spring cleaning

A transition between the cold and warm period is one of the best moments to get rid of the unwanted items. You are already packing away seasonal items, why not throwing away worn out clothes as well. Check out on winter socks, gloves, hats, and scarfs. If anything is thorn or unpaired, donate to a local shelter. But what with the seasonal items that are piling up through the years? Items like skis that take a lot of space in your garage, especially if you have a big family. And what about Christmas tree and holiday decorations?

Storing your winter clothes is how you declutter your NYC apartment

Store away your winter clothes

If you are uncertain of what to do with your seasonal items, consider renting a storage unit. Companies such as Specialty Storage Company can offer storage units of all sizes for the most affordable prices. Check them out, you’ll be most satisfied. In conclusion, this would be the best way to declutter your NYC apartment. Instead of parting from any of your items, you can store and later decide what to keep.

Out with the old in with the new!

It would be ideal if you can keep up the pace and refresh your wardrobe each year. Also, buying new instead of repairing the old items can be a good investment as well. Of course, this method requires financial stability and a good organization. But it is highly efficient, and it will save your hard-earned money in the long run. To refresh each year would be the way to go. Guided by your personal needs and desires, you should steadily replace old furniture with new. This way you’ll never end up having a broken dishwasher in the basement, waiting for a fix.

Organize your new space

The organization is the key for decluttering and downsizing but important as well to avoid clutter in the first place. Let’s provide a few fine examples.

  • Do you need another lamp? – Do not buy additional items you might not need, or you don’t have space for. Those chairs are fine, but you do not need to buy them just because they are 50% off. Stay wise as you are and do not get swallowed by the unnecessary hoard.
  • Declutter more often – Make this your new assignment. Try to declutter at least once in three months. Take a few hours while in the process of everyday cleaning and take a closer look at your living space. Paperwork and mail tend to pile up on the nightstand. Declutter your NYC apartment by throwing it all out.
  • Every day cleaning – Apart from doing dishes and clothing each day, you should take 15 minutes to sweep across the apartment. Dusting today and vacuuming tomorrow. Removing bit by bit each day will save you from those long cleaning weekends that most would like to avoid.
  • A day in the week – In case your obligation does not allow you to clean each day, make a different approach. Set a day of the week when you’ll cover all of it. Or if you prefer someone else to do it, hire a cleaning service and spend your weekend relaxing.
Mop cleaning the floor

Clean your new space at least once a week

What to do with all the clutter?

Bring peace and tranquility and declutter your NYC apartment by utilizing several different methods. Firstly, the easiest thing is to throw your unwanted items away. Secondly, if the emotional attachment is preventing you from throwing away, try donating. Your items will find use again and you will have a positive sense of accomplishment. Lastly, try selling your items online or organize a garage sale. This way you’ll be sure your items are still valuable to someone and earn a few bucks on the side. Also, one more common option is to gift to your friends and neighbors. Make a choice and get rid of the clutter

Now you have the better insight into the cleaning and downsizing process we all live with. It is important to do something about the garbage that keeps on growing each day. Start with the environment you live in. Stay organized and persistent and you will declutter your NYC apartment without breaking a sweat. Good luck!