We are active through the whole year, yes we are, but we must confess the fact that in winter we are less in the mood to do some major changes. After the cold days, when the first sun shines and when nature begins to wake up, somehow we are waking up with it. When the spring start, the day becomes longer, we are always in a better mood and ready for some action at this time of the year. Usually, the first task which we plan on spring is that famous spring cleaning. It all starts with cleaning out a solid day or two in our schedule, usually the weekend, to devote to the task. After that, it starts spring decluttering and cleaning. This is a process and it is good to have a plan or a guide for that.

Divide tasks

Have a plan, it will be much easier if you organize yourself. Depending on how much time you have, make a division of labor. It is not an easy and fast process so be sure to make a checklist of tasks:

Man in front of the planing board
Make a good plan
  • Purchase cleaning supplies on time
  • Make a cleaning schedule as best as you can
  • Plan what you will do with the surpluses

It is never enough

Be well equipped for this task. According to your budget be sure to buy everything that you might need for cleaning and spring decluttering. Be aware that you have several ways to provide yourself with cleaning products. You can do it in the most common way and buy them in the store. Have in mind that you can make eco-friendly products in your home. They can have the same efficiency as the one from the store. In this way, you can protect your own health and the health of your loved ones. Don’t forget to check your cleaning cabinets and make a list of all the things that you don’t have but might need. You may probably find some old products that are past the decline. Throw them away because they are probably not safe to use anymore.

Cleaning products
Clean your home

Remember to make supplies

  • Buy some boxes. You will need them when you start to declutter your home. Spring decluttering can surprise you. You have more things than you think you do. You can reuse the boxes and bags that you already have or you can purchase safe and eco-friendly boxes from capitalcitybins.us. Save your planet with every step that you can make.
  • Cleaning products for specific surfaces. For example, you can use diverse products for the floor depending on the floor material. Use specific products for electronic devices. They can be easily damaged if you use inappropriate items for cleaning. Use specific products for your furniture and take care of the fabrics.

Help yoursef and make a timetable

You can devide this task in several ways. Remmember the goal which is to make it easier for you:

  • Room after the room – This is probably the most systematic way to clean and declutter your home. Be reasonable about this. In each room you might have items that you don’t need anymore, they are old, damaged, the expiration date has passed, you outgrow something. Oftentimes people have a habit to store and keep things in their wardrobes, basements, or attics that they don’t like anymore. They keep them just in case. Generally, that case never happens. The best way to handle unnecessary items is to find them a new purpose.
  • Decluttering company –  Depending on whether you live with someone, you can split the labor with them. The best way is to charge everyone to clean their own personal space, but you can clean and declutter the common rooms together. Every home has its own collection of old newspapers, bills, broken glasses, empty pencils, old clothes, and shoes. Spring decluttering is the right time to get rid of that burden.

The less is more

The chaos around you usually means chaos in you. You will feel better if you declutter your home from unnecessary things. After spring decluttering and cleaning. You have several ways to deal with your belongings that you don’t need anymore:

Organize your strage space
  • Storage is always an option –  This is a practical way to keep your belongings stored in a safe way. This is the perfect solution for the stuff that you don’t need right now, but you might need them in the future. You can safely store bulky furniture or winter equipment suck as skis or winter tires for your car.
  • Donate – Sometimes, you will have to get rid of the stuff and items that are still in a good shape. In this case, don’t throw them away. You can always donate it to some charity organization or give it directly to someone for whom you know that they might need this.
  • Throw it away – If it comes to this just do it. Sometimes you can not find a way to reuse the stuff or they are not good enough to be given to someone. Don’t make an excuse to keep something. Spring decluttering is a great way to get rid of inapplicable items.

Follow the tradition

The origin of spring cleaning and decluttering has its own roots which have a deeper meaning. Originates from the Persian new year, which falls on the first day of spring.  It is traditional to clean the house in which way you will clean yourself at the same time. They believed that this is a Clean week and it is an opportunity to cleanse your soul and your environment.

There are so many written studies on this topic that talk about how unhealthy is to be surrounded by mess and unnecessary items.  If you have too much needless stuff around you, you will reduce the space, repress your freedom, flow the energy in your residence and in your life. Being able to decide and through away unnecessary items is also great practice for you in life. That means that if you have bad energy around, you have to learn to let it go. Spring decluttering is a great way to achieve something and bring some new vibe into your life.