Moving to New York City is a big step in your life. So, you should know all the facts. Bad and good too, if you want to make a smart and reasonable decision. What are the pros and cons of moving to NYC and what to expect there? And, just to mention, any city in the world will have good and bad things about moving and living there, NYC too. Make a list of your priorities and wishes, then you will see what to do. Here are some facts about the famous New York City.

Statue Of Liberty Landmark.

Feel free in New York and fulfill your dream

The pros and cons of moving to NYC

New York is one of the most popular and iconic cities in the world. It has almost 8,7 million people, not to mention a number of visitors and tourist. Like Frank Sinatra said, “New York, New York, I wanna wake up in a city that doesn’t sleep”. It is true, this city does not sleep and it has its own advantages and shortcomings and you should know it before moving to New York. So, let’s begin.

Doing a research about moving to NYC.

Do your research before the moving and get all the information.

The pro #1: Job opportunities

There are a lot of job opportunities including PR, fashion, art, finance, marketing…the list is long. Yes, after moving you have to be persistent if you want to succeed, but it is worth it. If you want to work on your career, choose big cities as New York.

The con #1: Costs of living

New York is a very expensive city. From food to rent. You have to calculate everything before moving because it is easy to spend your money fast. Prepare yourself and your wallet for the New York prices. As we said, you should know all the pros and cons of moving to NYC and this is one of the most important things. Move on a budget, and save a money for other costs.

The pro #2: You do not have to buy a car

It is almost worthless to buy a car in New York City with all those cabs and lack of parking spots. For most of the people, this is a pro. Subway tickets are not expensive, and you will bypass a traffic jam. You will save your money and nerves without having a car.

The con #2: Holiday days

Yes, you will have more chances to have a good job, but it has its own sacrifices. You will not have a lot of time for yourself because of the job. Of course, you will get about two weeks off per year, but what about holidays? Probably you will work. Also, most of the people are working all day long, so they do not have the energy for anything else that day. Be ready to have a full-time job.

The pro #3: Amazing buildings are museums

New York City has a rich history and tradition. This is also mean that it has a lot of amenities. You have always something to do and somewhere to go. Also, amazing galleries are there. So, take your chance and use a New York to increase your knowledge and you will be richer for one more experience.

The con #3: Small apartments

Big city, small apartments. That’s true. Unless you have a lot of money for renting or buying a place to live. You have to be rational and practical and to calculate everything if you want to survive in NYC. Say goodbye to a large kitchen or to a guest room.

The pro #4: A lot of people

It is the city that never sleeps and it always has a lot of people. Tourist and residents too. You never know who you can meet on the street on a daily basis. If you are single, then be ready to meet someone special.

The con #4: There is no fresh air

A lot of people means a lot of buildings and garbage. That also means, no fresh air. Central Park is one of the places where you can relax in nature.  If you want a real fresh air, go to the countryside. Do not be surprised by the pros and cons of moving to NYC because wherever you move it will have a good and bad thing. Nothing is perfect.

The pro #5: The brunch is very important

Who does not love a brunch? It is an unspoken rule. A brunch is such a thing in New York City. Sunday is the most popular day it because people are free that day and they can spend 2 hours for friends and family. After moving to NYC you will be a master of brunch.

The con #5: Groceries

You cannot get the groceries wherever you want because big groceries stores and supermarkets are not in the city. The most of the smaller stores do not have fresh product. So, this might be a problem if you love to cook. You will need to take the subway to get to fresh products such as meat, fruit, and vegetables.

The pro #6: Everything is in NYC

Restaurants are everywhere, bars and clubs too. Also, an uber will be there for 5 minutes. You can do whatever you want, opportunities are endless. The best musician and artist are coming to New York to introduce themselves and their work. Every night is special, especially on the weekends. Be ready to rock and roll and to meet new people, of course.

The con #6: Traffic jam

A traffic jam and a parking spot! It can drive you crazy, really. If you want to move to New York City, you should have good nerves for the traffic. That’s also a reason why you do not a car here.

New York at night. View from the sky.

Explore the city before you move.

Now when you know all those pros and cons of moving to NYC, you can decide what is the best for you or your family if you are moving with them. Good luck with moving and preparing!