Besides being compact and cozy, small places have one obvious flaw: they lack storage space. Generally speaking, any kind of additional possessions will make clutter in no time. Fortunately, there are many smart small space storage solutions that can fix this problem. All you have to do is to be a little creative and practical or listen to other creative advice.

A couple of smart small space storage solutions

If you are in the utmost need of storage space, these practical solutions can help you deal with your items. They are neither new nor groundbreaking. However, they are quite useful for decluttering.

A creative solution for stairs

Make your staircases do a double job. Instead of using them just for their ordinary task, you can make some hidden compartments inside. Normally, you will need a hollow type of stairs to pull this off. The lower two stairs can be used as box storage for placing some smaller items like shoes.

Make use of space below the stairs

Speaking of stairs, we usually have a lot of wasted space below them. So, why not make the additional storage space from it. Make it look like a part of the wall, blend it with stairs, and you will have fresh new mini-room for tools, toys, or cleaning equipment.

Multi-functional furniture

Sometimes, some furniture can have a dual function. For example, some beds have plenty of unused space below. With a fraction of DIY effort, you can make pretty useful compartments there. After that, your pillows and sheets won’t cause you any more trouble. Also, tables are a great opportunity to experiment with this type of creativeness.

Combined shelves with drawers as a storage space.

Combining two solutions into one piece of furniture.

Shelves are a great option

Shelves are, generally, universal solution for any room. This includes:

  • bedrooms
  • kitchens
  • garages
  • and even the outdoors

They occupy unused space on your walls and can support plenty of items. However, they are particularly convenient solutions for kitchens. Since, for the most part, kitchen items are usually contained in small packages. For example, mugs, or spice jars. Easy to mount, can support a lot of things, an ideal solution overall.

Large black shelves filled with books.

Shelves are a universal solution for everything.

Long floating shelves

Speaking of shelves, long floating examples are a similar solution. But, the major difference is the placing. Generally, you can use a few long shelves and mount them across your entire wall. Ideally, almost as high as the ceiling is. Just leave the space between according to the size of items you intend to place there. After all, they maximize the use of empty vertical space.

Use the space below the sink

Usually, you can find these solutions pre-made in kitchens. But, how about following the same idea for the bathrooms. The space below the sink is usually empty which is making it a perfect spot for a small cabinet. Finally, you will have a convenient place for your essential toiletries.

Additional raised platform

In a word, demanding, but a very interesting solution that requires a bit of remodeling. If you have high ceilings in your home, you can consider making a platform. A raised platform in a room is especially convenient for children’s rooms. Not only you will have more space for furniture, but the kids will have a bigger playground.

Creating additional space in your small place can be challenging. But, with enough imagination, you can come up with some pretty smart small space storage solutions. This way, you will make the maximum usage of the entire home.