We will be showing you a simple way to pack your bathroom for a move and we will also share some tips and tricks on this topic so stay put. We do understand that packing is a boring chore but it needs to be done and it needs to be done properly. That’s why we are here to simplify the whole process.

Where to begin?

Once you open the door this will be your first question – where to begin? Well, that is easy. Start by decluttering. Get rid of all shampoo bottles that are just standing almost empty. If you have towels you no longer use you should also get rid of them as well. In fact, get rid of everything you do not want in your new home. That will make packing your bathroom for a move much easier. If you have some flowers, flower pots and similar decorations move them aside so you can pack those separately.

Bathroom decoration
Plants need to go separately.

Some tips on how to pack your bathroom for a move

  • use plastic wrap or plastic bags for all your opet bottles that conatain any type of liquid – you are doing this to protect everything in case something spills
  • make sure to line all the boxes containing bathroom items like appliances, accessories, hair products, and toiletries with towels and dont forget to label all those boxes to make unpacking unpacking easier later on
  • you can pack fragile items into towels or you can buy some bubble wrap and secure them that way just dont forget to write on a box that those items are fragile
  • consider renting storage

Packing toiletries

The easiest and the best way (by the best we mean safest of course) to pack all your bathroom essentials and toiletries is to cover them in bubble wrap just like we mentioned above. Also, it would be smart to keep them in padded bags with different pockets. This will allow you to separate them by categories, for example, skincare products, and hair products. By separating them you will be able to find them easier later on.

Hiring professional movers

If everything else fails or you are in a hurry, you can always call professionals to help you with this. They can pack your bathroom quickly and you will know that everything will be packed and prepared correctly. All your belongings will be safe on the road and that’s all that matters. So, consider this option as well.

Three people among cardboard boxes proving that hiring professional movers to pack your bathroom is the best choice.
Movers can help you with packing your bathroom.

Finding reliable movers for this task

Luckily Google knows everything. You can simply type movers near me and you will get a ton of hits. Check the ratings and read the reviews and that’s how you will find good movers.