So many people ask themselves “should I rent a truck for a one-way DIY move?“ In case you are among the ones that don`t know what the answer to this question is, you should definitely read this list that we came up with. You will figure out what option best suits you, according to your budget. Here are also some space-saving tips for beginners that you might find of use later on.

Saving some extra bucks

Renting a truck and managing your own stuff will definitely be cheaper than hiring someone to do the work for you. So if you feel confident to do it all by yourself, why not? This is actually a priceless adventure that can truly be felt if you get your hands dirty a bit. Once you are ready with your own success story, you will be able to also help your friends.

Label boxes before you rent a truck for a one-way DIY move
Doing the move all by yourself is going to spare you lots of money.

You are totally independent

If you decide to rent a truck for a one-way DIY move, you will not depend on anyone`s schedule. You can do everything in your own timeframe. This means less stress and also fewer things to worry about. You might need some help at a certain point because no one is a know-it-all. Reason for which we are also sharing what should you know about house hacking. You never know how it might be of use someday.

Suitable for short or long-distance moves

There`s actually no difference if you`re moving close or far. You will definitely need transportation for all of your belongings. For sure you won`t be carrying them with your bare hands, so start looking for truck rental advertisements. Better be ready from now rather than waiting for a last-minute deal. Try and have it all settled as soon as possible.

Move at your own pace

Just as we said earlier, if you choose to take care of the move all by yourself, it will not only save you money. Paradoxically, it will also save you energy. Meaning that you will not be rushed by anyone or anything. You can stick to your own schedule and do things your way… the whole way. Why depending on someone and owe favors that you could easily avoid. It is really hard to find someone that is willing to give you a hand unconditionally. So better avoid it as much as you can.

Box marked Fragile, with a white stamp on it.
Not being in a rush to do your stuff is going to prevent you from breaking fragile things such as plates and glasses.

In case you`re planning to rent a truck for a one-way DIY move we wish you the best of luck. But just in case you are going to feel overwhelmed at any point, don`t hesitate to ask some of our experts. They are going to give you the best tips that they can humanly possibly think about. Have the confidence that your problem is also going to have a solution. In the end, everything is going to be ok. If it`s not ok, it is not the end.