Moving is always a complicated task. It demands planning, perfect organization, and time. Even in these perfect conditions, it causes stress. The stress, sleepless nights, and uncertainty are inherent to moving and they make the process hard. However, if you are forced to move after being evicted in a hurry all of these factors multiply and increase. Time is of the essence and you must rush to complete everything successfully. Surviving an eviction move also demands planning, organization, and a lot of help. So, make sure to call your friends to help you move when you are in a hurry. But also make sure you make a makeshift plan to do it.

Eviction moving – what is important?

Especially for eviction moving, you need to organize and plan. If you want it to go the right way, define certain steps in advance. So, you must, calculate your costs, know where you are moving, hire professional help, pack, and get extra help. The key here is to be efficient in planning and the steps you have to take. Since you will be in a hurry you must stick to only the necessary steps and activities.

Person laying under the pile of boxes
Do not get overwhelmed by moving in a hurry

Take note of only the primary things that you will have to complete and the things you will have to take with you. Even this basic plan will have you pointed in the right direction. However, be sure to get all the help you can get to make the move after being evicted, on time and as smoothly as possible.

Some of the key issues you will have to take care of first are:

  • Hire professional movers
  • Get help from anyone you can
  • Handle your belongings

Professional movers

Finding the right professional moving company for your eviction relocation is important. You can’t handle the move yourself and someone with experience and knowledge can help a lot. However, you do not have the time to do proper research on movers. So just try to be quick and efficient in your search. Find movers that are flexible and can handle your move cost-effectively. Preferably hire them for a full-service move if possible to be quick and make an easy move.

Extra help with move after being evicted

Professional help in these situations is usually not enough. To make the move even faster, call your friends and family to help. It will make the process faster and easier for you. Also, you can delegate activities and tasks and be less stressed. Extra help is crucial to relieve the pressure of a sudden eviction moving and to make the process a bit more relaxed.

Handle your belongings

Moving in a hurry demands making decisions about your belongings. You will not have the time to pack and take it all with you. Simply, you will have to decide what you will take with you and what to leave behind. Make sure to get rid of your extra items any way you can. Donate or give them away to friends and family. Any items you must take with you should pack and put in storage. Once you know what to pack make sure to do it quickly.

Woman carrying a plastic bin needs to move after being evicted
Do not hesitate to call for help for your short notice move after being evicted

If you have packing supplies then you will be OK. If you don’t you can always improvise and be fast while packing. For example, use garbage bags to pack a lot of hanging items all at once. Use your suitcases and extra bags to pack. Also, tape the drawers to the dressers and pack them with your wardrobe still inside. In this way, you will be fast, efficient, and solve the packing supply problem.

The move after being evicted is feasible!

So eviction moving is not an ideal situation but it is manageable. Make sure to stay calm and composed as you will have to organize the move after being evicted. Call your friends to help you move to make the process easier and faster. After all, time is of the essence here so try to be quick.