You might’ve decided that it’s time to finally display your art. Or, you just feel like setting up your first exhibition and displaying other artists’ art. Either way, to do this, you’ll need to prepare your art collection for the move, to connect a number of different elements into a whole, and to organize the event. And that means, selecting a theme, securing a venue and make sure that everyone knows about your exhibition. So let’s do it step by step.

Get some help when setting up your first art exhibition

Understand that any help from volunteers is more than welcome. But you’ll also need professional help, like framers, or experts to take care of the lighting. And you might also need help from movers, and you can find it at Having the help of a crew to coordinate everything is crucial to ensure that your event goes just as planned:

  • Remember you’ll have to hire someone to photograph or capture the event on film
  • You need volunteers to be ready to handle even the last-minute preparations

Think about hiring a photographer

Choose the most impressive art to put on display

Choose your recent pieces to put on display, or choose the most impressive art you have. Remember to organize the transportation of your valuable artworks if it’s necessary. Also, If you take submissions from several artists, then choose the pieces that you can display within the unifying theme.

Choose a venue

Start looking for the right location for your exhibition. You can go with traditional space and choose a gallery, or a studio. Also, you can choose a less traditional location, like a cafe, or a restaurant, even a church or community center. However, you should keep this in mind:

  • It’s important to come to an agreement regarding the commission rate and potential discount that would help ensure the sale.
  • A less traditional setting might help you be more relaxed when setting your first art exhibition.
  • Remember that the setting needs to have a good location, be well-lit, and have the necessary space for all the art.

If you do happen to need more space when transporting the pieces, check out some space-saving tips for beginners.

Setting a time

In order to organize your first art exhibition, you need to have the timeframe on your mind. Also, be aware that this is going to require some serious coordination. Start planning the whole thing at least two or three months in advance. And when it comes to choosing the right date, have this in mind:

  • You want time and date when people will be off from work
  • If you choose the time around holidays, there’s a good chance not a lot of people will come
  • Have a determined date so you can book the venue and start promoting the event

You have to organize everything carefully

Put your heart into it

Everyone will forgive some minor organizational problems if they see that you put your heart into setting up your first art exhibition. After all, this is a social event, so talk to people and share the joy that you feel after managing to do this successfully.