The entire world is facing with the coronavirus situation right now. And, the best thing we can do is stay at home as much as we can and hope that everything will pass soon. However, when you live in a small NYC apartment, self-isolating is not as easy as it sounds. If you live in one, you are a true New Yorker and you know what we are talking about. Staying in a small apartment 24/7 and not having the ability to stretch your legs at all is tough and it makes one crazy. But, do not worry, we are here to help you out. Here are some tips that can help you stay sane while self-isolating in a small NYC apartment. If interested, keep on reading.

Start A Hobby You Always Wanted

We can all agree that living in a city as busy as NYC is not easy. Everyone is running around, trying to finish as much as they can. And, that never leaves enough time for one to do something fun, something they always wanted. Well, if you were in the same situation, well, now is your time to shine. Start a  hobby you always wanted but never had time for it. Of course, that hobby must be something you can do inside, while self-isolating in a small NYC apartment. It can be reading that book you bought a long time ago, or painting, drawing, writing, playing an instrument. Use this free time you have to do something for yourself, and self-isolating in a small NYC apartment will be easy.

A person painting while self-isolating in a small NYC apartment.

Do something for yourself while self-isolating in a small NYC apartment, and the time will pass before you know it.


It is a known fact that exercising makes one healthier, but did you know that it also makes one happier? Well, it is true! So, even though you are self-isolating in a small NYC apartment, you must not stop moving. Of course, nothing can replace a long jog or a gym session, but there are many ways you can exercise and move your body in a tiny place as well. You just need some basic equipment (which can be ordered online) like a yoga mat, weights, elastic bands, etc. Or, you do not need any equipment at all – simply turn on YouTube and find some exercises you can follow. Have a routine! Try to exercise every day at the same time and you will come out of this corona situation healthier and happier!

a woman doing yoga

Exercising every day will make you feel better. Push yourself to do it.

Clean, Declutter, Remodel

Another great way to make sure the time while self-isolating in a small NYC apartment passes quickly and productively is to do something you have postponed for soo long. For example, you can clean those areas you always avoided or do a small remodeling project like repainting. Or, you can look for some decluttering tips for New Yorkers online, and declutter your closets and cabinets like a pro. These are projects that will take time, and time is something you now definitely have. So, tackle all those things that need attention in your NYC apartment and trust us, not only will you stay sane but you will come out from this quarantine more organized and satisfied.