Going into retirement is a big change in life. This life-altering experience can be a bit stressful and tiring to a retiree. This change is usually tied in with a need to change the scenery and move to another town to enjoy retirement. It is a well-known fact that Florida is the top retirement destination for US citizens from all over the country. However, NJ is proving to be a popular destination too. Many retirees that have been living in NYC their whole life tend to seek a bit more peace and quiet by retiring to NJ. A move to NJ seems to be the right choice for many New Yorkers so what are the main points that can draw people from the Big Apple to retire in New Jersey.

The perks of NJ you need to know before retiring n NJ

New Jersey has recently become a popular place for seniors. Jersey is home to numerous senior communities that provide a lot of amenities that seniors have considered to be standard elsewhere. But why is New Jersey so attractive to retirees coming from NYC? Well NJ is not a very financially sound choice for moving to in retirement. There are other states that provide much better conditions for retirees. The NJ taxes are high and also is the cost of living. But to New Yorkers, the move to New Jersey seems sound. NJ offers much better living conditions than NYC to retirees so more and more of them are beginning their migration to NJ. More retirees are hiring professional movers such as Aceline Moving NJ for their New Jersey relocation.

A view of Jersey City.

Retiring in NJ offers numerous benefits.

The main good points of moving to Jersey for retirement are:

  • Peace and quiet
  • It has a lot to offer
  • The proximity of New York
  • Lower expenses
  • Developing retirement communities

NJ lifestyle – its relation to NYC

First of all, the Garden State has a lot to offer which is lacking in NYC. The state offers a laid-back lifestyle that is much quieter and slower than a hectic lifestyle of NYC. As one of the largest cities in the world, NYC is a bustling and busy city that does not offer much of a laid back and casual feel and atmosphere. As its opposite, NJ offers precisely that, a much-needed laid back feel that is soothing to people retiring from a hectic business lifestyle of NYC. NJ offers a small-town feel and a peaceful lifestyle with just as many amenities to offer as NYC.

The whole state offers great shoreline and uninhibited access to the beaches and the Atlantic Ocean. The state also offers a diverse nature and climate. Besides its shoreline, it offers rolling wooded hills, lakes, and mountains. So, either for resting on the beach or enjoying nature and clean air NJ seems perfect.

Old NJ houses perfect to live in after retiring in NJ.

Jersey offers a small-town feel and is close to the rush of NYC if you miss it

NYC proximity is one of the factors that can’t be stressed enough. Anyone living in NY will certainly be a bit addicted to the NYC atmosphere. The proximity makes it possible for seniors craving the NY lifestyle to easily and quickly organize and pay a visit to the Big Apple. That combination of a laid-back small town feels and the proximity of a big city such as New York can be a fact that draws retirees from New York into New Jersey. The two cities have a good infrastructure and connection that allows for a quick transfer and makes enjoying the amenities of both cities easy.

New Jersey expenses and development

At the same time, Jersey is much more affordable. Although the state is not among the most affordable for retirees compared with the City it certainly is. Renting a place in NJ is much cheaper than in NYC. For the price of an ordinary apartment, you are able to rent a luxurious apartment in NJ. NJ is also affordable and easy if you own a car. Parking is easily found and using a car is easy and cheap unlike in NY. Taxes, groceries, housing, utilities, and transportation are also much lower which makes NJ living more affordable for retirees.

With all of that said, New Jersey has proven to be an attractive retirement solution that is a good alternative to New York. This is leading to the development of the retirement market in New Jersey. More and more senior citizens communities are emerging in NJ and more of them are selling their NYC properties. They are developing and offering even more to the growing retiree community.

Places perfect for retiring in NJ

Being that NJ is developing as a retiree destination some of the cities and towns have distinguished themselves as the cities of choice for retirees. When we take in to account the rent cost, crime rates, available activities and fun, weather, retirement possibilities and communities some of the most attractive retirement locations are:


Ringwood is a city small city in close proximity to Jersey City. It offers good living conditions and low cost living for all. It is however well connected to not only NJ and offers all of the necessities and amenities you might need, retired or not. With its nature, good weather and proximity to big cities Ringwood is becoming a desirable location for retirees with more of them.


Bayonne provides a city living lifestyle. Its close and well connected to both NY and Jersey City and is well connected to airports and has a good transportation network. The town offers a lot to retirees locally but it also offers a good connection to transportation hubs making it easy to travel and visit the world. The cost of living is not very high which makes it very attractive and even more affordable than living in Jersey City.

Hoboken is a perfect choice when retiring in NJ

Hoboken is the center of NJ and is situated across Manhattan over the Hudson River. It provides a great view of New York at a fraction of the price. It’s more affordable then Jersey City and it provides better living conditions at a fraction of the price. As it is well connected to NY many people commute from Hoboken to NYC daily. Besides that, it offers a lot to its senior community and provides good conditions for retirement.

Hoboken from the river.

Hoboken is a place of its own with a lot to offer to retirees.

In conclusion

Retirement is a daunting life-changing event that is very stressful for a lot of people. It’s difficult and problematic for many but more and more retirees are deciding on transporting household goods to another city when retiring.

Retiring from NYC can be even more stressful but if the choice to retirement falls on NJ the difficulties of retirement can be mended more easily. The similarities between, NJ and NYC, as well as their proximity, can make the retirement proves much easier for seniors. At the same time, NJ can offer then a much quieter and peaceful environment to settle in. It is important to know that NJ is changing on over time it may lose its appeal. It is up to you to decide on whether New Jersey is or will be suitable for you.