Everyone knows that New Jerseyans don’t quite like New York and New Yorkers. There has been a rivalry between these two neighbor-states for decades. New York has been glamorized in movies and TV shows where New Jersey is always shown realistically and not in such a great light. This makes lots of New Jerseyans not like New York as life in New Jersey is not bad at all. But somehow, there has been an increase of people moving to New York from New Jersey. And this doesn’t mean that the rivalry is not present. But what are the reasons why New Jerseyans decided to start moving to New York in such large numbers? What changed their mind as living in NJ is amazing as well? If you are a New Yorker, you know just how amazing of a state it is. There are plenty of things making it so much better than NJ which is certainly why people from there move to New York. And here is where you can read some of the reasons why New Jerseyans decide to move to New York.

Career opportunities

One of the first reasons people state why they moved to New York from New Jersey is the fact that there are many career opportunities to be found. This is because a lot of companies and businesses move to New York from New Jersey or expand there. Even though they can do so in New Jersey, most decide to do it in NY. This is because this market is known for being successful.

Times Square.
Doing business in New York is much better than doing it in New Jersey because of how densely populated this state is.

There are millions of people living in New York and millions of tourists visiting every year. This creates the perfect environment for a business to develop and grow. Many New Jersey business owners decide to relocate their business to NY for this reason. If this is your reason for moving to New York as well, excalibur-movers.com can assist with the commercial relocation from one state to another.


Among the New Jerseyans who move to New York are mostly young people. Young people have plenty of reasons to move to New York from anywhere in the country, not just New Jersey. This is because of the fact that New York has plenty of things happening every day. You can go to a concert, a play, see a movie premiere, meet a celebrity in a local coffee shop, be in the back of a movie scene… There are so many things happening on the streets of New York, not just New York City.

If this is your first time moving, have in mind that trustworthy assistance has no price, and moving without professionals is not what you should be doing. Especially as you are moving from one state to another. If moving to New York City, moving professionals will be your best friends because this is a very busy place. Parking is not easy to find and it is pretty expensive. This means that if moving, you cannot take the whole day to unload your belongings from the moving truck. This is why moving assistance is needed when moving from NJ to NY.

New York City.
It is much more fun to live in New York than it is to live in New Jersey.


Even though housing is more expensive, it is very good. Most apartments are very modern and nice looking. Even houses here are great. Buying a home in New York is not something just anyone can do. A lot of money is needed in order for that to be possible.

But renting a home is always a possibility. Most people who move to New York rent a home. Homes in New York City are especially small. This is why you have to get rid of unwanted items before the move. For this, you can always hire professionals to assist. Declutter your home and let professionals take these things to where they belong.

It is very important to have in mind that finding a home in New York is not an easy task. This is because a lot of people are moving to New York from all over the world, not just New Jersey. This means that this real estate market is very busy. The best homes rent out as soon as they appear on the market. This is why you have to be very consistent when searching for a home in New York. If moving to New York City and needing to find a home to rent, hiring a real estate agent for the job is not a bad idea at all.

NYC apartments.
Even though NYC is a big city, finding a home is going to be a challenge.

Public transportation

Not needing a car to go anywhere saves you a lot of money. Even though New York is very expensive, there are certain things about living here that make it very affordable. This is one of those things. You really don’t need a car in New York. You can always use public transport. There are taxis to be found on every step as well as metro and bus stops. Living on a budget in NYC is easier than you think.

Having a car costs a lot no matter where you live but certain places you cannot live in without one. Just the car alone is very expensive. When you add the gas prices, parking, servicing of the car, and plenty of other things that go into having one, you realize just how expensive it is. If you move to New York, you can sell your car as you will not need it. You can get anywhere even faster than with a car by simply using public transportation. This way you are also helping the environment.