What to do after New York relocation is over and you are finally in your new home? If you hired a moving company from New York, you should leave a review, but why? Why is important to provide feedback for your movers in NY? And also, what to include in your review, how to write it?

Why should you provide feedback for your movers in NY?

If moving to NYC or moving out of NYC, most people hire moving and storage companies to help them move faster and easier. Only New York has hundreds of moving companies, not to mention the number in the entire country. It is hard to find a reliable mover you can trust.

Leaving positive feedback.

Be honest and leave your homes opinion and experience you had with a moving company

Help other people who are moving

Did you have a hard time finding a reliable moving company? Searching a mover online is not an easy task. You worked on making your NY relocation fast and cheap, so you should help other people who are moving soon and searching for a moving company in NY. Writing a moving review won’t take you a lot of time, but it will save someone else money and time.

Help movers improve their business

Besides helping people move to NY or from NY stress-free by leaving a review, you can help moving company too. Help them understand what they need to do to improve and how was your experience. Positive reviews will help movers grow, but if you are satisfied, unfortunately, you must write it too.

Let movers know what else they should provide

Do you have an idea what else a moving company should provide, besides transportation services? Storage units, packing, unpacking services, etc. This can add value to the moving company and improve its business. Serious businesses always listen to customers’ feedbacks and objections.

Increase the company’s rating

Logically, positive feedbacks will increase the company’s rating, and if you are satisfied with the service, it won’t cost you a cent to help them expand a business. Speak your mind about your personal experience when writing feedback. Start from yourself, if you have 2 companies to choose from, one has 5 stars and the second has less start, which one will you choose?

How to write a moving review?

To help other people find affordable and reliable moving and storage services in NYC your moving review should help them decide. How to write it and what to include?

  • Time, date, and location if your relocation
  • Customer service
  • Note anything you didn’t expect from the moving company
  • What services you used from the company
Provide feedback for your movers in NY and write a comment.

Write a comment and rate a moving company according to their service, price, and experience

Be honest and write a sentence or two about your overall experience. Provide feedback for your movers in NY, spend a couple of minutes and people will find it really helpful when moving. Moving will be less stressful and easier when you have enough info.