There are many challenges of moving, no matter when you move. But we are here to discuss the pros and cons of moving during fall. By the end of this article, you will know what to expect when you move in autumn and if it fits your needs. 

Cons of moving during fall

The finicky autumn weather 

The number one disrupter of your relocation in the fall is the weather. You have just figured out how to move efficiently, and all of your plans will go down the drain because of the rain. The rain will slow down your movers from loading the truck. Also, you will have to put some extra protection on particular items that are sensitive to water and humidity. 

a gray image of rain drops
It is unpleasant to move during fall because of the rain.

Finally, you get your items in the truck and on the road, but the problems keep coming. The road is wet, and the moving truck driver has to go slower to avoid getting into an accident. Because the driver is moving slowly, it can set your whole moving schedule back. 

Moving during fall is difficult because there is school 

The move can be even trickier because of your kids. In autumn, kids go to school. Because of school, you will have to make arrangements to relocate successfully. You will have to get your kids out of their current school and enroll them in their new one while planning out your move. 

Pros of moving during fall 

You will pay your movers less in the autumn months 

We mentioned before, moving during fall is not very popular because of the rain and the school year. Since relocation companies do not have many customers, they offer their clients lower prices. Lower prices mean that you can relocate a piano for an affordable price or any special items. 

an image of 100 dollar bills
In autumn, you can save money on movers.

If you do most of your work yourself, like packing and getting moving supplies and get movers only for transportation, you will save a lot of money. 

You will have more options if you move during fall 

Autumn is not a popular season for moving, and relocation experts have many openings. In peak relocation season, people usually book the most reliable movers, and you will have a hard time hiring them. But in the fall, you have more options, and there are cheaper. 

Homes are less expensive in the fall 

The same applies to selling homes as with movers – people are not buying homes in the autumn. The most popular season for purchasing a home is generally summer. During the summer months, real estate agents have a lot of work. But as fall comes around, the housing market slows down. There are not as many listings, and real estate is cheaper.


Should you move during fall? If you must, you definitely should. You can handle the cons easily. Good luck with your relocation!