When you decide to move and live in NYC, you set your foot on a new and exciting path. Living in the Big Apple is a dream for many people. The big and bustling city that never sleeps has its perks and is desirable to live in and experience. Living in NYC is exciting and challenging. It is exciting, dynamic, full of opportunities, and has a special feel and lifestyle. But you have to face it, living in NYC as a newcomer requires some adaptation and getting used to. You will certainly have to get used to the lifestyle, tempo, and renting an apartment. You will also have to get used to some of the problems NYC renters often face.

Living in NYC

Living in New York can be a great experience for everyone.  The city is open and welcoming to everyone and it is easy to find a place to call your own. You will be able to adapt very fast and get used to the city and its charms. At the same time, you will probably have some trouble with the problems renters in NYC usually face. As it can take some time before you can buy your own apartment n NYC, it is important to get used to the problems that rental tenants often face. You always have the option of changing your apartment to move anywhere in the city hassle-free

New York boulevard

NYC is great to live in but there are certain issues to tackle

Problems you have to handle

With a large population of the city and more pouring in every year, it is almost a privilege to come and settle in NY. As it is a privilege, it is important to handle and deal with all the problems you can face there. Handling those problems will be the key factor in your stay and life in NYC. So what will you have to face:

  • Finding what you need
  • Prices
  • Deposits
  • Privacy
  • Tenant issues

 What you need

With so many people pouring in, it can difficult to find accommodation in NY. Movers like ipsnycmovers.com often get overwhelmed with the influx of people. Many people must wait for a long time for any type of accommodation. In these conditions finding the right type of place, apartment, accommodation can be very difficult and can’t happen right away.

For rent sign.

Apartments may be hard to find as the demand is overwhelming


The price of renting a  place in NYC  can be sky-high. Living in Manhattan can cost quite a lot. So, be prepared to look for accommodation elsewhere. Consider Queens or even Jersey for affordable accommodation.


In addition to the high level of rent, the deposits can also be very high. Landlords often ask for large deposits. These expenses can be huge and you must deal with them.


NYC is a great, fast, and bustling city to live in. But, you may not have a sense of privacy, peace, and quiet in NY. At the same time, landlords have the liberty of coming and paying visits unannounced, when you least expect them. In this way, your privacy is challenged and can be almost non-existent.

Common tenant issues

Other issues can be different in nature. One of them is the status of your deposit. Usually, you cant get your deposit back in full. Your landlord will probably take a portion of your deposit when you move. At the same time, you may be faced with insufficient space in your apartment. You should check about the size and space of the apartment to make sure you can fit your belonging in it. Living space being at a premium in NYC, the apartments can be quite small and perhaps impractical.

A hand signing a Tenant agreement that can solve a great majority of problems NYC renters often face.

Negotiate e a good tenant agreement to protect yourself.

Make sure you make a contract with your landlord to be sure you are safe. Make sure you include all of the aspects of your rental to satisfy both the landlord and your needs and wants.

So, having some problems as a rental tenant in NYC is normal. What you must know is what can be the issue and how to deal with it. Be calm and patient. You can find the answer and solution to any issue if you are wise and take your time.