A safe relocation means protecting your belongings every step of the way – from the moment you start packing to the moment you finish unpacking. So, finding quality packing supplies and using them properly does not mean your job is done. Packing the moving truck is just as important as packing your moving boxes. Let’s learn how to do it!

Start with the largest and heaviest items

By that, we mean items that take two or more people to move. These items include appliances and furniture – washing machines, refrigerators, couches, bed frames, etc. Before moving, check if you can disassemble any of them. Then, disassemble what you can while following the manual, or ask professionals to give you a hand. This way, they will be safer and easier to move.

When you load them onto the truck, place them close to the front, near the cab. Make sure you place items like refrigerators and stoves upright. Balance the moving truck by placing heavy items on both sides of the truck. Moving straps will hold your heavy items in place. Furniture pads are also among the packing supplies you should use when moving. They can provide additional protection and make large pieces easier to slide onto the moving truck.

Three suitcases and a white background

When packing the moving truck, the items you’ll need first should be loaded last.

The longer items are next

Continue packing the moving truck by loading mattresses, table tops, long mirrors, headboards, and the like. Place them upright, against the longer walls. Thus, you’ll save space and protect them during transit. Also, disassemble whatever you can and tape the parts together, just like you did with the larger items. Don’t forget to use mattress covers for extra protection. If you are not sure how to protect different items, ask All Moving Matters or have them do the job for you.

Finally, load the lighter items

Place medium to lightweight boxes and other items according to their weight, starting with the heaviest ones. This way, nothing gets crushed when packing the moving truck. Fill any gaps beneath the tables, desks, etc. Stack boxes in rows until they reach the ceiling of the moving truck. As you go, check once again if each box is labeled. This is one of the most important packing tips.

A loaded moving truck showing how packing the moving truck should be done.

Lighter items go on top of heavier ones so nothing gets crushed.

Finish packing the moving truck with oddly-shaped, fragile and soft items

At the very top of the pile should be the most fragile items, such as collectibles, glass or china. Again, think about the weight – fragile items can also be heavy! You can also find good places to put fragile and oddly-shaped items underneath tables, chairs, and desks. Finally, fill all the remaining gaps, including the space between the top of the highest boxes and the ceiling, with soft items. For example, towels, linens, blankets, and clothes. Nothing should be able to move around while in transport, especially the fragiles. Provided that you have been able to choose the right moving truck size, everything will fit perfectly.