Moving to New York City most likely means renting an apartment. Affording an apartment here requires a lot of money and is not something everyone can afford to buy. It takes years of saving money in order to be able to buy a home here no matter whether it is a house or an apartment. But renting is almost as equally hard to do as buying a home here is. Renting comes with many issues of its own hence why we decided to write this guide with some helpful tips for renters. This guide is mostly for first-time renters as there are plenty of things you learn after renting a home for some time in New York City. This is just so you know some things in advance that will make renting a home easier.

NYC has a very busy real estate market

As first-time renters in NYC are probably not so much aware of the real estate market, we are here to give you a closer insight. The most important thing to know is that this is a very busy market. There are a lot of people like yourself searching for a home. This is a city with millions of people which means that thousands are certainly searching for a home at the same time as you are. All apartments in good locations with a somewhat reasonable price rent out as soon as they appear on the market.

NYC from above.
There are plenty of people searching for a home here.

This means that as soon as you manage to find an apartment you like, you schedule to view it. If you don’t do that, your chance of renting it is certainly low. Everyone who is searching for a home in NYC will certainly schedule to view it as soon as possible if they are really interested hence why you should do the same.

The search can last for months

If planning on relocating to NYC at a certain point in the near future and you still don’t have a home there, you better start searching now. The search for a home in New York City can last for months sometimes. That is if you are not willing to settle for less. And settling for less in NYC is worse than you might think. There are dozens of homes that stay for a while on the market which you will be able to rent but these homes certainly have something big missing.

Home seraching.
Searching for the perfect apartment can last for months when searching in NYC.

Know your rights

It is very important that you know your tenant’s rights. There are plenty of landlords who believe that you do not know anything regarding this hence why they try to scam you for more money than the home is worth or some other worse ways. There are things your landlord can and can’t do and it is very important that you know what those things are before renting in NYC.