There are so many popular places in Washington it’s almost impossible to list them. It’s getting more and more popular for young New Yorkers to relocate to Washington. It seems like there are more job opportunities there but also living costs are lower so those are the main reasons for this new NYC to Washington trend. We will show you some of the most popular places for millennials and other young adults. If you plan to move to Washington read on! We will also show you who can help you out along the way.


This is the fourth-largest city in Washington state. There is also a city named Vancouver in Canada, but this is not the one. Both those cities are named after sea captain George Vancouver, but the US city is much older. We will be talking about US Vancouver of course. This is a very safe and calm city. Very nice to live, raise a family and enjoy. If you are wondering about the costs of living in this place – they are somewhere around the national average. Did you know that there is no personal state income tax here?

A girl covered with the Canadian flag and looking at the scenery
There is also a Vancouver in Canada!


This city is located across Lake Washington from Seattle. Both of those cities are very popular amongst young professionals and millennials. Because it’s very high in demand this city is a bit expensive, but still housing market is on fire there! People are just buying and buying constantly. Some people consider Bellevue to be a better option than Seattle and more upscale. If you (after detailed research) decide to relocate there make sure to contact local professionals. They can do so much more than help you with your relocation. They can speed up your settling in and also they have a great solution for excess items if you have any.


This city is known all around the globe for its rainy weather. Some people don’t like the rain and if you are one of them skip this city and continue researching other ones. But even though the weather is not so great here you can find a lot of great job opportunities and public schools are top-notch so you might want to consider Seattle. Many young people find it attractive and that’s why it’s on our “popular places in Washington” list.

A view of Seattle, one of the popular places in Washington
Seattle is full of job opportunities

Mill Creek

This is a small but still very popular place in Washington and like in every high-in-demand city the prices are a bit higher. This is a perfect place if you enjoy the small-town charm. You will find plenty of nature trails, but also an abundance of public parks and a variety of locally-owned shops and restaurants that you can enjoy in your free time. If this place sounds great and you consider relocating make sure to contact local professional movers especially if you are in need of storage. You want all your belongings to be near you and that’s why portable storage can be a good option. Movers can take care of extra stuff that you have.


This city is located between two very trendy cities: Seattle and Portland. But unlike Seattle, this city has great weather all year round. That alone makes it a much more enjoyable place to live. Costs of living are fairly reasonable there and this place is becoming very trendy. More and more each year because many young people are relocating here and this city is regaining its popularity so make sure to check it out also!

Choosing the neighborhood

Choosing one of those popular places in Washington won’t be so easy. All of those are great and that’s what makes it so difficult. But if you do more thorough research, make a pros and cons list it will make it much easier. Ask around, check out blogs, if you have the option go there in person and see the cities and neighborhoods for yourself. See which one looks like a home to you. If you are relocating there with your family see how they feel about it. Their opinion is also important.

Moving to one of those popular places in Washington

Hopefully, this list helped you a bit to find a good (and popular) place in Washington for you. When the time comes to relocate make sure to contact professional movers since that is the only way to have a stress-free relocation. Of course, you can do it on your own but without the extra manpower and appropriate equipment, it might be a bit hectic. Before deciding what’s the best solution for you make sure to check out movers near you and see how they can be of help. By checking out their website you will be able to see all the additional ways they can help you to move all your belongings. Some movers are offering packing and many other helpful things like vehicle relocation, storage, and such.

Some items packed and ready for relocation
Movers can help you speed things up a bit

Settling in

Settling in is the last thing you will need to do in this journey of yours. All of those popular places in Washington have professionals who can help you with unpacking and settling in if you are way too tired or simply have too much to do. It’s important to unpack as soon as possible so you can start making your new place a home. Furnishing and decorating will do that. Don’t worry if you feel homesick for New York at the beginning, that’s pretty common. But soon enough you will feel at home in your new place. That of course won’t be possible if you have moving boxes laying around everywhere and that’s why it’s important to unpack. If you packed correctly and labeled all the boxes it will be pretty easy.