Are you thinking about moving to NYC? Or are you already a fresh “new yorker”? In case you have a pet, you won’t have to worry about what you will do with your little friend. The big city like that certainly raises some concerns. However, you will soon realize there is more than enough pet friendly parks in NYC. Additionally, dog walking will definitely help you get to know the city better. And even meet some new people.

Where to find pet friendly parks in NYC?

Even though NYC is a concrete jungle, there are many green jewels hidden in plain sight. Believe it or not, NYC is a surprisingly pet-friendly city. The chances are, you will probably have a dog park within the walking distance, regardless of where you are living.

Park in NY in winter, full of people.

Parks in NY are great places to have fun even in winter.

Central park

The official green haven for both owners and pets, Central Park offers plenty of nature in the middle of NY. With a few “off the leash” hours a day and a couple of dog fountains, it’s also a host to many pet-friendly events. Many residents, with or without pets, are looking for escape in this large oasis in the center of everything. This should be one of the first places to visit after moving to NYC.

Little Yorkie enjoying in pet friendly parks in NYC.

They know how to enjoy the nice weather.

Prospect Park

Twice a day, early in the morning and late in the evening, your pets will have the freedom to go off-leash. There is also a Dog Beach which is a very popular swimming area for dogs in the summer. FIDO, the city’s dog owner’s community often organizes various events in Prospect Park. This is a great way to socialize and meet new people, especially for newcomers.

Dyker Beach Park

This attracts a lot of visitors for one simple reason, it is huge. The main benefit is that one region is designated for big dogs while other is for small dogs, to avoid possible conflicts. This park also has pet-friendly fountains and plenty of green surfaces.

McCarren Park

This is one of the favorite family and dog owner places in Brooklyn. Besides dog runs, there are many fields where people can enjoy playing football, soccer, and baseball. Not to mention a pool to ease the heat in the summer season.

Pug Hill

This is definitely one of the favorite places for pug owners. They meet here every weekend at noon which is a great thing to observe even if you don’t own a pug.

Rules and regulations to know before you take your pet to one of these pet friendly parks in NYC

There areĀ a couple of rules you need to abide if you own a dog in NYC:

  1. By the law, dogs need to be vaccinated against rabies.
  2. You will have to carry your dog license and vaccination proof while in public.
  3. It’s absolutely necessary to pick up after your dog and dispose of it.
  4. Dogs have to be on a leash all the time, except in designated areas at the specific time of day.
  5. It is forbidden to allow your dog to chase other animals.
  6. Some areas like zoos, playgrounds, sports fields, and swimming pools are off-limits for your pets.