Living in New York City is an amazing experience that is usually filled with ups and downs for many people who come to NYC from other cities, states, or even countries. NYC is a wild city and a lot goes on daily. And one of the most popular neighborhoods in New York is the Upper West Side. This is a great part of New York to live in. There are so many things to talk about regarding moving to the Upper West Side. Hence why we decided to write this very helpful handbook for newcomers. As there are plenty of you (newcomers), we figured that writing a handbook to the Upper West Side is the best thing to do. So, if you want to make your new chapter in New York City as good as it can be, this is definitely a reading matter for you.

Moving to the Upper West Side

Before we give you an insight into what living on Upper West Side is like and what are the things you can see and do there, we want to give you a couple of tips for moving to the Upper West Side. Have in mind that this isn’t going to be an easy task. Moving to such a busy part of New York is very exhausting. You need to worry about a lot of things if moving by yourself. That is why we would always recommend hiring movers.

Moving to Manhattan requires professional help.

Having professional movers by your side is the way to make relocation easier. Especially if moving long distances. But even when moving locally in New York City, you won’t be able to do so without stress if you don’t have a helpful hand by your side. Which are exactly professional movers. But using moving services isn’t the only thing we recommend. Use other professional services as well such as packing services. They are very helpful to those who are always busy.

But there is another service we think is worth at least considering and it’s renting temporary storage units. A lot of the time, your NYC apartment won’t have enough space for all of the boxes that you moved. So where do you put them? In a temporary storage unit, of course. Here your belongings are safe and protected until you manage to find them a place in your new Upper West Side home. A lot of Upper West Side newcomers use storage units for storing things both short and long periods of time. Have in mind that there are plenty of other problems NYC renters face.

After you settle down into your new home…

By settling down in your new home we mean unpacking and getting some rest after the relocation process. As it can be exhausting, you will most definitely need a couple of days of relaxing before you are ready to get back to working, studying, or anything that you generally do in your day to day life. And this is the perfect time to get to know your new neighborhood, which is in this case the Upper West Side. If this is your first time moving to New York City, you surely have picked an exciting neighborhood to live in. The most exciting you could say. The Upper West Side is where you will most certainly find a place to spend some quality leisure time. And now we will tell you more about what can you expect to find in your new neighborhood as this is a handbook to the Upper West Side.

Tourist in NYC.
Take a few days off to get to know your surroundings a little bit better.

Restaurants and cafes

Before you begin exploring, you need to fill up your tank. And by this, we don’t mean filling up your car with gas. You need to gather energy yourself. And the best way to do so is to have a good quality meal. Luckily, you are now living in the Upper West Side. This means that with every step you take, you are one step closer to having an amazing meal.

One thing that the Upper West Side doesn’t lack is restaurants. There are plenty of them. Here is where you will find some of the best restaurants where you can eat food from all over the world. Italian, Mexican, Thai, Japanese. Anything you could imagine. You will see that you can choose between dining in small restaurants and bigger, better ones. This is what we love about the Upper West Side – its diversity when it comes to everything.

You will also encounter bakeries, cake shops, coffee shops, and plenty of other places where you can try something new and exciting. But beware, the Upper West Side is expensive. The same goes for food and beverages here. This is a touristic destination, after all, no wonder why the prices are through the roof!

Try the amazing food in NYC.

Take a walk

The best way to get to know your new neighborhood is to take walks. Walking through the Upper West Side means always encountering something new and exciting. Whether it be a famous person, a great shop, a cheap coffee place, or a beautiful street, there will always be something that catches your attention. And there are plenty of things here to see and do which is why strolling is the best way to find out what suits your needs at the moment. This is certainly one of the best neighborhoods for recent college grads.

The best thing about living in the Upper West Side is the fact that Central Park is right there where ever you are! Central Park is definitely going to be one of your favorite places for spending free time outdoors. It is so big that if the buildings of Manhattan weren’t so tall, you would definitely feel like you left New York City. And even though this is an amazing city, you will need to take a break from it from time to time. This is exactly why having Central Park near your home is the best thing! Living in Park Slope is also a good idea if you think that the Upper West Side is too much for you to handle. And that wraps up our handbook to the Upper West Side.