Relocating, in general, is a big step and a change! Whether you are moving for a job, change of scenery, or a different lifestyle, it’s important to always be prepared ahead, do research and have a plan to rely on. With these elements in place and a bit of organization, you will be able to relieve the stress of relocating all together, while also being able to enjoy this exciting process. Throughout the rest of the text, we’ll discuss the hustle and bustle of New York City and why people tend to look for a more peaceful life in New Jersey. The urban and fast-paced life in the Big Apple can get tiring, so we’ll help you plan your move and find your new home elsewhere. 

Preparing Ahead

Whether you are moving locally or a little further away, it’s both essential and beneficial to have a plan in motion. A good plan keeps you focused, efficient, and within the given timeline. We emphasize the importance of putting together a plan ahead of time because it is the best way to prepare early on and to tackle a project like this successfully. In addition, once you start to plan and organize weeks or even a few months ahead of your move, it will become much simpler.

A man making notes while browsing the internet on the life in New Jersey
A move is much simpler and more efficient with a relocation plan in motion.

Moreover, a move is less complicated when it is broken into multiple stages. Instead of focusing on the overall picture, you’ll be able to give your full attention and effort to one stage of moving at a time. So, in order to be able to quickly and successfully start your new life in New Jersey, start this process right and create a plan. 

Leaving New York

Like we mentioned above, a good relocation plan makes a big difference when moving. Leaving New York and beginning your life in New Jersey is much simpler when organized. With that being said, consider aspects such as having a budget and hiring a moving company for this relocation. When it comes to the budget, having a number in mind is important. It gives you an idea of what you are working with while enabling you to maintain your finances. 

Yellow cabs in a street in NYC
Ensure to have a budget in mind when leaving New York and moving elsewhere. Take care of your finances ahead of time!

Hiring a reliable team of professional movers is another good idea! You already have to worry about the many elements of moving, therefore why not relay the stress of transferring your belongings to New Jersey to Ensure to get in touch with them early on to discuss possible moving dates, moving expenses, and terms as well. 

Peaceful Life in New Jersey

Moving to the state of New Jersey brings along many benefits. But, how do you decide where to relocate to? This is where research comes in and the importance of it. Evaluating a few different cities, neighborhoods and communities will help you get a better idea of where you’d like to start your life in New Jersey! We did a bit of an analysis on a few places within the state and here are the ones you might want to consider for your move:

A hand of a baby with a flower on it resting in the mother's hand
Escape the busy lifestyle and move to one of the places in New Jersey for a more peaceful life day to day.

Mountain Lakes

This spot is a borough of Morris County in New Jersey and a suburb of New York City. Therefore, not a distant move overall! Did you know that this is one of the best places to live in New Jersey? Most locals here own their homes and if you are looking for a more peaceful life in New Jersey, then Mountain Lakes is the place to go to! It has a very rural atmosphere to it, so you can get the peace and quiet you are looking for. 

If you do decide to relocate here, why not find assistance to settle in! Moving to a new place can get hectic, but if you can find reliable and local help, your settling in will be simplified before you know it! 

East Hanover

Another good spot for a peaceful life in New Jersey is East Hanover. As another township of Morris County, it is a safe town overall with well-rated schools. Unlike the rural vibe of Mountain Lakes, East Hanover has more of a suburban atmosphere to itself. Quieter than New York City, however you still get a bit of an uplifting vibe, which might make for an easy transition. 

If this is the place you can see yourself moving to, ensure to organize that move early on. With the right moving company and teams ready to help you, you can kick stress out of the way and actually enjoy your relocation out of New York City. 


As we mentioned breaking down your move into multiple stages, we thought we’d give you a few tips on one of the most stressful stages of relocation. Packing is a very repetitive process that many people do not look forward to when they are moving. In order to simplify this process ensure to start well prepared. Gather all of the packing materials beforehand, and go room by room. By categorizing your packing, you’ll be able to categorize your boxes, hence making unpacking that much easier. Also, don’t forget to label all of your boxes! That way the movers can be more aware of what they are moving and how to properly handle it. 

Bye Big Apple

Leaving New York and finding a more peaceful life in New Jersey is a good idea. As you can see, we have broken down the important elements of this relocation and how to properly handle it in order to avoid stressing. Wanting a more quiet and less fast-paced lifestyle is totally ok, however, it’s important that you organize the move well. Therefore, get that moving plan in motion, stay focused, maximize efficiency and make sure you enjoy this process.