Purchasing a second home in Florida while living in New York is a significant move that few people take. It’s a terrific way to supplement your income or ensure a holiday place each year. However, before making this financial commitment, it’s critical to think it through and evaluate all conceivable possibilities. That is why we have produced a list of everything you should consider before purchasing a second property in Florida in this post. So, let’s see how New Yorkers explain the benefits of buying a second house in Florida.

Tax implications

According to the IRS, a vacation house can be either a personal residence or a rental property. It’s considered a personal residence if you only rent it out for 14 days or fewer each year. It is, however, considered rental property if you rent it out for more than 14 days each year. In most cases, regardless of the categorization, you’ll have to declare rental revenue.

Miami coastline with palms
Buying a second property in Florida can count as both personal residence and rental property

When purchasing a second property in Florida, keep this in mind. This is because if your vacation house is classified as a rental property, you won’t be able to claim the mortgage interest tax deduction. However, if the amount you spend on your rental exceeds the amount you make, you might claim a loss on it. You should take this as seriously as handling post-move paperwork! This is one of the most common ways New Yorkers explain the benefits of buying a second house in Florida.


When you’re not in it, that is. Airbnbs are becoming a lot more popular alternative among traveling millennials than hotel stays in Florida, which is a major tourist destination. However, there are several laws that you should be aware of before proceeding. Keep in mind that rules vary from city to city, and even neighborhood to neighborhood, so what’s allowed in one region might not be legal in another.

Additionally, as a landlord, you should spend on cleaning services, insurance, and general upkeep. Because rental revenue isn’t assured, you’ll need to be sure you can afford these costs on your own, as well as a monthly mortgage payment.

Where to start when buying a second house in Florida?

When you are starting this process, you should first decide on the location. There are many great places in Florida where you can buy a second house. You should research different locations and find some professional help to help you move. There are many professional moving companies like Pro Movers Miami, to help you out and give you some advice. So, let’s see what are the best locations for buying a second house in Florida!

Florida beach
Having a vacation house can be the best way to escape the stress of the New York City lifestyle!

Vacation home

Purchasing a second home in Florida allows you to visit anytime you like. You won’t have to worry about finding a place to stay if you need a vacation or a family getaway. That means you save all of the hassles that come with organizing a trip while yet reaping all of the rewards. Owning a vacation home, on the other hand, restricts your holiday alternatives. If you buy a second home in Florida, it’s only financially healthy if you spend most of your vacation time there rather than traveling around the world. It will be easier to afford it if you do some proper budget planning well in advance.

Sunny Isles Beach

Sunny Isles Beach is one of the safest communities in Florida. It is close to Central Miami and offers very luxurious amenities. There are many great bars and restaurants, but they are much less crowded than those in Central Miami. The prices in Sunny Isles Beach are reasonably priced if you consider the amenities that you receive. The area is also amazing for rentals because of the location and everything it offers. So, investing in this area is a great idea for many reasons.

Moving into your second home in Sunny Isles Beach is not too big of a hassle, because many great moving companies can help you out. By hiring a reputable mover you will be able to both find help and enjoy the process! That way your second house will become your paradise!


This little Florida city on the Gulf of Mexico is where the wealthy and powerful come to play and unwind. Naples’ tiny size and biodiversity have made it a popular destination for individuals who prefer getting lost in nature. It is home to the second biggest number of millionaires in the United States. Naples is a terrific area to buy a second home if you want to get away from it all, with plenty of stunning beachfront real estate available. While you can get homesick after leaving NYC to come to your second place in Naples, you will have multiple ways to cope with it!

Neighborhood in Florida
Naples is a great little city on the Gulf of Mexico!


Weston is a charming, relatively new community constructed along the edge of the Everglades to the west, and conveniently located between Fort Lauderdale and Miami to the east and southeast. The verdant scenery and various communities of Weston are well-known. Art festivals, concerts, and celebrity golf tournaments are all held in this cultural hotspot. Weston also has lovely bike and walking trails for a relaxing Florida getaway. You’ll find a large variety of quality stores, hotels, and restaurants in Weston, many of which are located in the Town Center.

Another important factor to consider is that there are many great movers in Weston. With them, moving into your second house in Florida will be a breeze. Knowing that experts are there for you will make the process much less stressful!

Miami Beach

There’s no doubting that Miami Beach has a reputation for being a hotspot for the rich and famous just like Seattle is for young New Yorkers. Miami Beach is a fantastic second home location for anybody who wants to be near to the activity. It is known for its arts scene, which includes Art Basel Miami Beach, The Miami Beach Arts Festival, several well-respected galleries, and its wealth of Art Deco buildings.

The last thing to know about buying a second house in Florida

Before buying a second house in Florida, you will need to figure out if you can afford it and if you need it. It can be a great way to get away from the stress of living in New York, and after you retire, you can even move into it.