The current situation in the world regarding the coronavirus pandemic has affected everybody, as well as all the businesses. Most of the companies are closed, and their workers are sent to work from home. This particularly affected all the bars and restaurants in NYC, which must all be closed and limited to takeaway. However, sometimes people need to relocate their business, even though the pandemic is happening. Now, with the bars and cafes being temporarily closed, you can relocate your bar without additional downtime. Here are some tips on moving your NYC bar during pandemic and staying safe while doing it.

Evaluate your situation

Once again, before you start with packing and preparation, reevaluate your moving situation. Is it necessary to relocate after all? If there’s a way to postpone the moving day and stay at home, be sure to do it. If not, take all the precaution measures and read our tips on moving your NYC bar during pandemic.

Stay informed

The current situation with the COVID-19 pandemic is very unpredictable and it’s changing every day. That’s why you need to stay informed about it all the time until the moving day, in case of something significant changes. Follow relevant websites, social media, and news about the current COVID-19 situation in NYC. Check the working hours of the businesses and stores you need for the move, so everything can go according to the plan.

A woman wearing a face mask during pandemic.

When moving your NYC bar during a pandemic, you need to stay updated with the latest news on coronavirus outbreak.

Plan carefully

When moving your NYC bar during pandemic, you need to have a detailed plan. Be sure to write down all the tasks you have to do before the moving day. This checklist will serve as a reminder and a visualization of your progress. It will help you to do everything on time and avoid the stress that commonly appears in moving preparations.

Get the help – but do it responsibly

When relocating, people often call the people they know to help them out. And that’s fine – just not in these days when viruses are spreading easily. Don’t out yourself nor your friends and family into a risky situation and avoid inviting them to help you out. Instead, be sure to contact a professional moving company from NYC, that has all the skills and equipment to make your move happen safely and efficiently. Choose responsibly – only through verified reviews and recommendations. A great choice is – a company that can relocate your bar in no time, even in complicated times like this. 

Safety first

Among the most important things you need to think of when moving your NYC bar during pandemic is the safety of all the people involved in the move. Here’s how:

  • sanitize everything before you pack the moving boxes – make sure you clean and sanitize all the items before you put them into moving boxes. Then be sure to seal the boxes properly with heavy-duty tape.
  • don’t forget to particularly clan the items people touched a lot in your bar – like musical instruments. And be sure to hire a professional moving company to help you with moving your bulky piano. They know the right way to dismantle, carry and protect items like this and move them safely to the new location.
  • clean floors, door handles, and staircase handrails frequently, especially on the moving day. When movers come to your bar to take away the items, be sure to frequently spray and clean everything you and movers touch frequently.
  • wear gloves and a face mask – be sure to get more of these, in case they get damaged when carrying heavy items.
  • wash your hands – there’s no need to remind you to wash your hands regularly, especially when touching boxes and other items all the time.
A person washing hands, which is necessary when moving your NYC bar during a pandemic

Act responsibly when moving your NYC bar during a pandemic – safety first!

Dealing with specialty items when moving your bar

Many bars and restaurants include specialty items like art, antiques, entertainment items, etc. If you have one of these, be sure to give them special care when packing and relocating. However, the safest option would be letting a skilled pro do this. For example, It’s best to have your billiard table handled by professionals, since it is a bulky, heavy, yet very delicate item. Also, don’t forget to clean and sanitize the billiard thoroughly before the movers arrive since it was touched by many people so far. 

Talk to your employees

When moving a bar, you need to consult with your workforce. Even if your bar is temporarily closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, be sure to have an online meeting about the changes. inform them about your plans, new address and their obligations. Include them in the planning if necessary – if there’s anything they can do from home. So, when this is over, your old but new bar can start working as soon as possible.


If you’ve had your bar for a while, there are probably many items piled up everywhere around it – old documents, damaged plates, mugs, and glasses, etc. Therefore, be sure to declutter the space while you’re cleaning it. Get rid of everything that will take up space or not look good in your new bar space. This is a very effective way to start fresh, pack fewer items and pay less for the move.

A cocktail in a bar.

Moving a bar is not easy, especially during a pandemic.


Let’s face it, moving your NYC bar during a pandemic is a challenge. However, with our tips and proper preparation, you will be able to do it successfully. The most important thing is to put safety and health as your highest priorities and practice social distancing as much as possible. Doing that now will ensure your bar will continue to work, full of people, very soon. Act responsibly and protect yourself and everyone around you! Stay safe and have a successful move.