Are you thinking about moving to New York City, but you are worried about your living expenses? Maybe you should consider moving to the Bronx, one of New York’s five boroughs, and its only mainland borough. It is definitely cheaper than the rest of New York, so do not worry about breaking the bank. Moreover, it is a family-friendly environment, with lots of schools and parks. If you are a student, you should know that the Bronx offers more universities than any other borough. And, if you want to have a posh weekend, Manhattan is only a few train rides away. These are just some of the things that the Bronx has to offer, so if you are interested in moving to the Bronx, just keep reading.

The picture of the Bronx

The Bronx is safe and beautiful, loaded with good cuisine, culture, and entertainment.

Cost of Living in the Bronx

The Bronx is the most affordable borough to live in compared to the other four boroughs of New York. Either renting or buying a house, you will not have to worry about breaking the bank. And what is most important there will be no hidden costs. When it comes to buying groceries or clothes, it is far cheaper than the rest of New York. If you are just looking for good time and entertainment or dining, there are also places that are budget-friendly. Also, stay away from that “touristy places” which are usually extremely expensive and hit the local bars and restaurants. With pretty much everything else, the Bronx takes the lead.

Family-Friendly Place to Live

People know each other here and they pride themselves in that. It is not rare to see neighbors chatting, or having barbecues in their backyards, or just drinking coffee on the porch. Also, there are may children here, so you can see them playing basketball or football everywhere, not just on the courts, but also on the streets. So if you are thinking about moving to the Bronx with your family, you will not regret it. Besides having a lot of green areas, like parks and zoos and botanical gardens, there are many amazing schools where your children can get a great education.

Furthermore, safety is guaranteed. The Bronx is now the safest place to live compared to all of NYC’s boroughs. Moreover, it is the most diverse place of them all. You can teach your children about other cultures without leaving your neighborhood. So, start packing, and do not forget to check all of the tips and tricks that will make your move easier.

Rich History

The Bronx has a mesmerizing and rich history. Edgar Allen Poe spent the final years of his life there and you can visit his house situated in Poe Park, near Fordham Road. While walking through the streets of the Bronx, you can see many national landmarks such as Kingsbridge Armory, Hall of Fame for Great Americans and many more. You can take a stroll down Riverdale Historic District and enjoy the nature and beautiful old-style houses.

The Bronx is also a birthplace of Hip-Hop, so if you are interested in this genre, be sure to join some of the many Hip-Hop tours which aim to educate and entertain guests in the history of hip-hop, showing the evolution of this art through the eyes of actual artists. On this tour, you can also check the Graffiti Hall of Fame. Another interesting thing to remember is that the Bronx prides in its rich immigrant history! To find out more about that, visit Little Italy in the Bronx.

Graffititi wall in the middle of the city

While walking in the streets of the Bronx, you will be mesmerized by the beautiful graffiti all over

Moving to the Bronx to study?

The Bronx is home to some very prestigious learning institutes. Here are just some of them:

  • Fordham University – is a private research university in the Bronx. It is the oldest Catholic university in the northeastern United States, the third-oldest university in New York, and the only Jesuit university in New York City. Fordham has a lot of graduate programs, like the business, education, English, history, law, psychology, and social work, which are all ranked among the top 100.
  • Monroe College – is a private for-profit college and graduate school. Monroe College has an associate degree program for accounting and business administration, and bachelor’s degrees in accounting, public accounting, general business, and business management.
  • The Albert Einstein College of Medicine is a private, not-for-profit, research-intensive medical school. This college offers one of the nation’s largest programs for medical education. It is located in the Morris Park neighborhood of the Bronx in New York City. In addition to Medicine degrees, Einstein offers degrees in the biomedical sciences and clinical investigation.

What to do in the Bronx

So you made your choice, and you decided that moving to the Bronx is the best for you. Great! First things first, settle in and check some of the unpacking tips, which can save you a lot of time and money. And after you have done all of that, It is time for getting to know your new home. Here, there are lots of great things to do:

  • Bronx Zoo – America’s largest and oldest zoo
  • Yankee Stadium – besides watching a baseball game, here you can also learn about the rules of the game and the rich history of Yankees
  • New York Botanical Garden – it is an absolute oasis for anybody who appreciates botany and the natural world; there are many exhibitions and events organized, like the annual orchid and holiday train shows.
  • Arthur Avenue Belmont or the Little Italy of the Bronx – here is where you can experience a true Italian atmosphere with lots of restaurants, street markets, and shops.
  • Join a Hip-Hop tour – where you can learn more about the history of Hip-Hop
  • City Island – a little seaside get-away where you can see maritime and shipbuilding heritage
A lion sitting on a tree in the zoo

The Bronx Zoo has one of the largest animal collection in the world

Moving to the Bronx – Great Idea!

There are many things that the Bronx can offer, so be prepared for learning something new every day. Since it is a lot cheaper than other parts of New York City, you will probably have some money left to enjoy yourself. If the decision is made, start packing, and think about the assistance and materials at your disposal, there are many things that can help you have a stress-free relocation to the Bronx. Whether you are moving here to study or to work, do not forget to have fun and enjoy this new experience.