College life is a new experience which is fun and exciting. If you are moving to Ohio for college, it is a big step and you need to be prepared and ready. Ask parents for advice, friends, and read online guides. Organize your moving, packing, meet roommate, visit the university, create a checklist, etc.

The best colleges in Ohio

If you didn’t decide which university to choose in Ohio. These are some of the best schools in Ohio to consider:

  • Kenyon College
  • Case Western Reserve University
  • The Ohio State University
  • Denison Unversity
  • Oberlin College
  • University of Dayton
  • Herzing University – Akron

The place where you will move depends on the location of your college. You may live in a dorm, or rent an apartment with a roommate(s). So, first, choose a college, wait for acceptance letter and then search for apartments. Create a moving budget and start planning.

A view of Columbus.

Choose a college in Ohio and then a place where to live

Moving as a college student to Ohio

Having tips will make moving to Ohio for college a little bit less difficult. How to move, how to pack, what to pack, what to expect…Get ready for freshman college move in and don’t worry. Start your new chapter in life prepared.

Complete the paperwork

Before packing, make sure you have completed all the paperwork for college in Ohio. This includes acceptance documentation, housing forms, meal plan. Every university has forms you need to fill out. During the tour, you should get the information from professors and students.

Find storage units for students in Ohio

Everyone knows that college dorms are small. Luckily, Ohio has storage specially designed for students where they can put off-season clothing, old books, sports equipment, or anything they don’t use often. You will share a room with another student, or more students, so you must respect their space too. A cluttered room is not good place for studying and being concentrated on learning.


If you will rent a storage unit, you can pack a little more items, so you don’t need to go back home every time you need more clothing. Make a list of all items you need to pack. For example:

  • Clothing – how many shirts, pants, shoes, underwear, pajamas. Moving to Ohio for college means you will need all types of clothing. For hot and cold days too (more winter clothing).
  • Bed essentials – at least two sets of linens, a lamp, your favorite pillow
  • Bathroom essentials – probably you will share a bathroom with many other students, so pack a robe, slippers, a couple of towels, toiletries.
  • Room items – coffee maker, toaster, some of your favorite decorations, TV, anything you need every day.

Meet your roommate before moving

Knowing your future roommate will help you save money when moving because you will pack fewer items. Decide who will pack a long cable, toaster, TV, and other room essentials. It will be crowded with too many items inside. Also, your roommate may become your best friend at college. Get in touch and you won’t be alone on the first day in college.

Moving to Ohio for college with professional movers

It is much easier to move to college with professional help. Not only you will relocate stress-free but also, you will stay organized on moving day. Find specialized movers for college moves online and check them together with your parents. You won’t move your entire room, but you will still have a lot of boxes. Clothing, bed and bathroom essentials, books, small appliances, etc. Especially if it a long-distance relocation – college students are not old enough to have experience in driving vans filled with items.

A woman stressed out because of moving to Ohio for college

Don’t make moving more complicated than it already is. Hire professionals who can help you in moving to Ohio for college

Adjusting to college life in Ohio

By knowing things you need to hear before coming to Columbus, you will know what to expect and how to adjust faster. Most (99%) of students are feeling confused, lonely, and like they don’t belong there, at the beginning. It is not a reason to give up – you are not the only one, trust us.

  • Join online forums and facebook groups before you move to Ohio for education. You will read experiences from other students and ask questions and it is a great way to connect with people.
  • Don’t be late for orientations and don’t skip lectures. You will meet most people there. It is much easier to adjust after relocation when having friends around.
  • Join clubs or sports teams, and be open to learning new things. Schools in Ohio offer many activities for students. Set new goals and learn a new language, or try art, use this period to work on yourself and to upgrade.
  • Organize a group for studying, especially if you skipped lectures and need to keep up with new lessons. Sometimes it’s better to study alone, but it is not always the case.
  • Manage your budget, and if you need more money, find a part-time college job. Many campuses offer jobs for their students. To save more money, use discounts for students for tips, clothing, groceries, etc
  • Explore Ohio when you have free time. Go to bars, nightclubs, hike, explore all the natural beauties, Lake Erle, and all big cities here in Ohio.
A college classroom.

Get to know people around you and make connections. It is useful for your future too


When moving to Ohio for college, yes, you need to take care of a lot of things and it may seem scary, but it is all normal. Don’t be shy to ask for advice or help – parents, friends or professors. When accepting an acceptance letter for a university, start planning and preparing. Make sure to create a checklist so you won’t forget anything and you will be more relaxed. Good luck with college life and we wish you all the best with moving and adjusting.