It is time to move, and that can be accomplished only with a little help. Even the smallest advice is very helpful when moving to NYC with family. So, luckily for you, we are here to help you with your big move to the amazing New York City. Let’s start with preparing as soon as you can.

Neighborhoods to choose in New York City for your family!

First, you have to choose where you want to live with your family before you start with packing and preparing. It is harder to choose a neighborhood when moving with kids to NYC than when moving alone or only with your partner. The safeness of the neighborhood is a number one on our list. The low crime rate is very important when you have kids or planning to have kids in the near future. After that, schools, places to go for the whole family, affordability, diversity…are important too.

A family laying on the bed.

Your family is number one on every list. So choose the best place for them and their future.

  • Battery Park City – It is one of the safest neighborhood in NYC, with good schools and a nightlife at the same time. Moving to NYC with family does not mean you will look only for good schools. You also should have fun and Battery Park City can offer that.
  • Fieldstone – A crime rate is very low in this neighborhood so you will be very safe. Also, it is affordable for this area. You have everything in this neighborhood in NYC for you and your kids too, no matter how old they are.
  • Brooklyn Heights – Brooklyn is much cheaper than Manhattan, for example, and yet, you have it all here. Almost half of the residents have a Master’s degree or higher level of education, which is a good sign.
  • Tribeca – Tribeca is a little more expensive than others neighborhoods in NYC, but if you are willing to give more money, you will not regret. 20 percent of residents are children, s you kids will have a lot of friends here.
  • Dumbo – It is a neighborhood in Brooklyn which is also great for millennials too. You will have a beautiful view of Manhattan and many fun and interesting places to visit.

Tips for moving to NYC with family

No matter where are you move, you will need tips, especially if it is your first relocation. Stress, excitement, fear, happiness, sadness, are all the normal emotion when moving. But, remember the reason for moving to NYC and use that opportunity to fulfill your dream and to give your kids a better future. Here are some of the tips for moving to NYC with family.

Girl talking with a dad.

Include your kids on planning too. Listen to their wishes.

A family meeting

Organize a family meeting before you start organizing anything. Gather all your family and share your ideas and opinions. Explain to them what will move to NYC bring to them if they are old enough to understand it. Order your favorite food and spend time together. Do not let them be out of this big life event. Also, let them make big decisions too. Most children and teenagers nowadays are tech-savvy. Use their knowledge to explore their future home, real estate market in New York, ideas for home decorating, etc.

Host a party

Host a party and relax a little bit. Tell your kids to invite all their friends and to have fun. Children, especially teenagers are very close with their friends. Even if it is a local move, let them host a party. They will have a good time together and exchange addresses.

Ask your kids for help

Even if you do not need help, ask them to get involved. Pack together, do a pre-moving shopping together, etc. If your kids are old enough, they can pack their own room and suitcases alone. Also, let them unpack their items and to decorate their bedrooms however they want to. It is their space, so do not take it away from them. Tell them some tips to avoid moving mistakes, but let them create something they imagined.

Plan a road trip across the country

If it is a long-distance move, use that to visit some of the incredible places in the USA. Plan a road trip and enjoy your move. This might be an epic road trip. Use this opportunity to spend time with your family and to create new memories. Moving does not always have to be that stressful and exhausting. You can have fun together. Hire a good moving company to transport all your belongings, and your job is only to have fun with your family. This way, your items will be safe also.

Explore a new neighborhood together

If you will visit a new neighborhood before moving day, visit it together. If you will not, them explore it together after a moving day. Try new food, visit restaurants, parks, shops, etc. Also, kids are nervous because of changing their school. Visit schools in the neighborhood and see what they like or what do not like. Take a tour and calm them down. You can find your new favorite restaurant, or any spot in the city together. If your kids are young, help them meet friends in their new school.

Statue of liberty in NYC.

NYC is the city full of opportunities and fun places. Try to explain that to your family.

As you can see, moving to NYC with family can be fun and stressless. A good organization is key and everything will go smoothly. Look at this thing as an opportunity to spend time together and to work on their future. Be prepared and organize your moving together. New York City is one of the most amazing and popular cities in the world, so have fun.