Moving to NYC-what you need to know; boy, where to begin. There are so many things that one should know once in the Big Apple. Of course, before that, you need to plan your move across the country. How to move, where to move, adjust to the peculiar way of life of New Yorker, just give it some time. As everything, you will adjust with time and in the end, you will realize that you shouldn’t have paid that slice of pizza more than $1 once you came. Or that buying some zucchini and chocolate milk at 4 am in a local bodega is perfectly fine. Below you will find some of the most useful information that you need to know and survive NYC way of life. Great shoes, umbrella, earphones are just some things you need to you have with yourself. Read the rest.

Proximity is essential when moving to NYC-what you need to know

Since you’re already thinking about moving to NYC, what you need to know is essential once here. Of course, first, you need to make a moving strategy for this 20 million populated city. You do not want to pronounce Houston Street as the city in Texas. You will instantly earn a tourist label but all newcomers adjust eventually to NYC. And yes, NYC has a lot of labels. It is not the same if you are paying rent in Upper East Side or coming from Brooklyn. Yet, everything here is about proximity. The proximity of your workplace, Trader Joe’s, friend’s house or the laundry. And yes, you have to sacrifice some of them. You cannot have all.  So, choose wisely, where you want to live, what you want to eat and where you will do the laundry. Laundry service is extremely expensive here, so plan everything well in advance.

A piece of advice when moving to NYC-what you need to know

Have a picture of metro lines in your room in the beginning.

Proximity is indeed very important when moving to NYC-what you need to know-list. NYC has 5 boroughs that you will help you to get around. Each and every one of them has their own charms. It will become normal to commute a lot, so get used to it. And buy some new, very comfortable shoes. Your feet will be thankful when you have to walk 20 blocks at 2 am when you can’t get a cab. So, Manhattan is one of the most famous places in the world. A lot of international company’s headquarters are here, so it means money. The largest borough is the Queens, Brooklyn is the most populated, The Bronx is the birthplace of rap and hip hop. And you will have to take a ferry from Staten Island to get to Manhattan. While adjusting your phone and new apps will become your new friends.

When moving to NYC-what you need to know are the delivery service apps

Exactly, when moving to NYC what you need to know are the delivery service apps. They will make your life easier. And after a while, it will not be weird to order some chocolate cake on Sunday early in the morning. Or cheese. People of New York depend on the apps such as Seamless for food delivery. That is something you need to know when moving to New York with kids. It will save a lot of time and bad cooking smells. No matter what kind of food you want-Greek, Chinese, Middle-Eastern one, there sure is a delivery service available anytime. That is why for the foreigners it may seem that New Yorkers are always on their phones and running somewhere. Because here the time really is money. People work a lot during the week but they also go out on Sundays or have brunch on Wednesdays.

Use of apps you didn’t before is what moving to NYC-what you need to know is

You will use a lot of apps

When moving to NYC-what you need to know is that the delivery apps are not the only ones that you will use. Of course, that will get handy once it is a dreadful weather. Or you need something in 30 minutes. Your social life will also depend on apps in some way. You will not have the time to do everything that you would like to. Let’s remember, you’re in the NYC, the time flows differently here. Everyone will be too busy from time to time. And people will constantly move in and out. Try to always have the time for special people. The social life works differently in NYC universe.  Try to have that friend’s brunch every week just in case someone decides to move from NYC to LA. Stay in touch and the best way to do it is maybe her majesty, The Bagel.

The taste of Bagel or Pizza is something you need to know when moving to NYC

Her Majesty, the Bagel or the Pizza (whichever you prefer) is something you absolutely need to know when moving to NYC. There are many answers to what makes a New York bagel. Different flavors, colors, preparation and unexpected combination of tastes. Sugar, firm white dough, sweet or salty with a nice glaze is all that matters. One can taste bagel with raisins, chocolate chip, different syrups, even garlic, egg, onion. You name it, everything is already there waiting for you to take it. When moving to NYC, the bagel or/and the pizza will become your new religion. You will eat it everywhere but note that you will gain some weight, most likely. And pizza will only help you with that. This is some of the most famous food that NYC offers. It’ll be waiting for you on every corner, find your own favorite one and taste the heavenly dough.

Bagel should on your what-you-need-to-know list when moving to NYC

They should always be boiled, never steamed

Of course, there are many more lists of what you need to know when moving to NYC. This is something just to tickle your imagination. When you find that favorite corner, things will get smoother. One will surely find someone from his/her hometown, or a bar full of your favorite club fans. Mingle around, go to Little Ukraine or visit Nuyorican Poets Café. There are many sights where you can discover other cultures. With time you will get used to the noise and NYC’s horns will become your second alarm. When moving to NYC-what you need to know the most is to go outside of NYC. It would take you an eternity to see everything, but from time to time, relax. Now, it will be necessary to take a minute, pause before thinking of moving costs and how to calculate them. Don’t forget about that umbrella though!