Moving is a huge decision to make since it will change the style of your life. The situation becomes even more difficult if you have children. However, this does not have to discourage you from making that important decision. Moving to New York City with a family can be a quite exciting experience. In order to successfully move to New York, it is of great importance to be well organized. For this reason, here are the tips for you on moving to New York City with a family.

Prepare your family on time

New York offers many opportunities for your career as well as for your children. There are many acclaimed universities and schools located in the Big Apple, where your children can attend one day. However, coming to NYC from another state is not easy. For this reason, you should make sure to prepare your family on time, especially the children. They might not be able to see the benefits of the move since they are still too young. They see the relocation is a big monster hiding under their bed. That’s why you should explain to them clearly that the move is not something to be afraid of and to include them in the process of moving.

a man and a toddler standing a ground

Prepare your family for the move

Finding a place for your family

When you are moving to New York City with a family, you need to find a suitable home for you. New York is known to be a quite hectic place, a city that never sleeps. This information does not sound hopeful or soothing. However, there are plenty of nice neighborhoods in New York where it is safe to raise a family.

  • Battery Park City has an urban feel while many residents rent their homes.
  • Murray Hill is a safe and mostly quiet neighborhood, which is an advantage when you plan to raise your children here.
  • Brooklyn Heights is often described as a beautiful and peaceful neighborhood.
  • SoHo is a relaxed neighborhood with many interesting shops and historical sites.
  • Upper West Side is more on the expensive side, but a great place to live if you want to move to Manhattan.

Get all the help you need

When you are moving to New York City with a family, you will need all the help you can get. It is challenging to organize everything while taking care of your little ones at the same time. For this reason, you should hire a moving company. They can help you with the packing and moving your items and heavy furniture. If you still have not hired a reliable moving company, then you should consider hiring Verified Movers.

Packing your items

Packing is the next important step after hiring a moving company if you are moving to New York City with a family. You can include your children in this process. They can be responsible for packing their toys or school supplies. This way, if you allow them to participate, they might not take the move so badly. Moreover, if you make the packing fun for them, they might even look forward to moving to another city. For packing, you should also prepare in advance. This implies dozens of sturdy cardboard boxes, tape, labels, and bubble wrap. You can get other essential packing tips from your moving company.

Organize a farewell party

The organization of the farewell party is also a part of the moving process. This is especially important for your children. Teenagers will take the move the hardest since they already have a formed group of friends. This party will give them the opportunity to say a proper goodbye while having fun. For younger children, this means saying goodbye to relatives or to their grandparents. However, you should make sure to tell your children that this is not the final goodbye as they will have many opportunities to see them again.

organize a party when moving to New York City with a family

Prepare a farewell party for your friends and family

After the move

The critical period comes after the move. You might be busy when remodeling your family home. However, you should spend some quality time with your children. You can always stay at home and play some board games or watch a movie together. But if your home is under construction, it is more interesting to visit some historical monuments and landmarks. Luckily, there are plenty of those in New York City.

  • The Statue of Liberty – you can go on a boat ride as well
  • Central Park – for a walk and picnic
  • American Museum of National History – you can learn about human history and see famous remains from the past
  • Brooklyn Bridge
  • Metropolitan Museum of Art – see all the famous pieces of art in this museum
  • New York Botanical Garden – they have the largest collection of plants after France
  • New York Public Library Main Branch
skeleton of a dinosaur in a museum

Visit the National Museum of Natural History

Fun activities for the whole family

While it is interesting to learn more about the history of the city, it is even more exciting to go somewhere for family fun. These are just a few places to name.

  • Children’s Museum of Art where your children can participate in numerous activities and workshops.
  • Lego Store in Rockefeller Center where you can see hundreds of Lego sets.
  • Bronx Zoo is the largest zoo in the country where you can see the exhibitions organized by the continents.
  • Teardrop Park where your children can enjoy playing games in a large playground surrounded by beautiful nature.
  • The New Victory Theater is geared towards children as they prepare shows, circus performances to entertain your kids.
  • Gulliver’s Gate is a large world of miniatures.

Moving to New York City with a family

Moving to New York City with a family does not have to stressful or difficult. It is important to prepare in advance and to include your children in the moving process. After the move, cheer up the whole family while visiting interesting places and learning about your new home. You will soon feel like you have always lived in New York City.