Miami is a great place to live, and you are probably one of those whose wish has always been to live there. However, your family may have grown in the meantime, so you are maybe wondering whether you should go for it. Is moving to Miami with kids a good idea or not? This city has a lot to offer, so let’s go through the things you should know if you are relocating with your family. Furthermore, you may need some tips on how to do it stress-free, and we’ve got you covered with that as well.

Why moving to Miami with kids is a great idea – reasons to do it

Moving to a lively place like Miami is everybody’s dream. Of course, for a single person or couple without kids, there’s no need to think about it – amazing nightlife, great restaurants, young population, and the beach. But sometimes, people are not sure whether it is a good place to raise your children. Here are some of the advantages of living here with your family.

a child sitting on the floor

Moving to Miami with kids – it’s a great idea!

The weather

Nothing is more depressive than having to stay at home and come up with some fun inside when it’s cold or rainy outside. Luckily, Miami has a lot of sunny days so you will be basically living in shorts and flip-flops. This means your kids will have a chance to play outside all the time, without spending too much time in front of the screens of tablets and computers. So if you are considering NYC vs Miami for your next home – Miami definitely wins this round.

Green surfaces are everywhere

If you are moving to Miami with kids, you will be pleased to know that the whole county includes a lot of (more than 150) parks. Most of these have playgrounds and splash pads, which is great if you don’t want to go all the way to an expensive water park. Kids really can enjoy their outside time in Miami – one important factor to consider when moving to Miami with kids.

Miami culture will affect your kids well

Being exposed to different cultures and people will help your kids to be more tolerant and open-minded later in life. Therefore, Miami’s cultural diversity is definitely an advantage – your kids can learn about different cultures, even pick up a different language!

Great schools

There are a lot of great schools in Miami Dade County. So, there’s no need to worry about education if you are moving to Miami with kids.

There’s a plus side for your budget, too

As you may know, there are no local or state income taxes. Finances are very important when raising kids, so this is definitely good news.

A lot of attractions

Miami is an exciting place both for the locals and tourists. if you are moving to Miami with kids, you will be pleased to know that you can spend each weekend in a different way. There are many attractions to visit in Miami – some of them are Miami Zoo, Pinecrest Garden, Miami Seaquarium, great beaches that are family-friendly, the Monkey Jungle, etc.

Moving to Miami with kids – where to find a home?

If you haven’t lived in Miami before, you probably don’t know which neighborhoods are good for families. Here some of the family-friendly areas of Miami you should definitely consider when moving with children:

  1. Coconut Groove – One of the most popular neighborhoods among families. It’s also the oldest one and it includes a lot of parks, tall oak trees, great public, and private schools. It’s also one of the safest areas of Miami.
  2. Pinecrest – This part of Miami is probably the most beautiful one. It has a population of 19,000 and it is a very calm place to live.
  3. Weston – This place is especially popular with families. It includes a lot of parks, bike lanes, fine restaurants, and shopping options. Also, this area of Miami is one of the safest, too.
Of of the residential areas in Miami one can consider when moving to Miami with kids

Choosing the right neighborhood is a tough decision when moving to Miami with kids.

How to move with your kids?

After you have made this important decision and found a home – it’s time to think about the relocation. The most important thing for you is to do your best to have a stress-free move. When moving to Miami with kids, you need to stay calm and organized and follow our simple moving tips.

Organize your relocation

Be sure to start planning your move in advance. Create a moving schedule, hire professionals to help you move home on time, and create a moving budget. Write down the tasks and stay organized all the time. 

Find a reliable moving company

Since you are moving to Miami with your kids, you need to do everything to make the relocation safe and easy. That’s why hiring professionals like those available at is an easy way to have a perfect move.

Label the boxes

Pack your items wisely. Pack room by room, and label every box. This way you will unpack easily when you arrive at your new home. Also, you can find the necessary items quickly without going through all the boxes.

Include the kids in the packing process

Kids often find the moving process stressful. That’s why try to make it more fun by allowing them to be a part of it. Let them pack their toys or books and see if there’s something they don’t need anymore so you can recycle or donate. Also, you can find someone to take care of them on the moving day, so they are safe until all the furniture and heavy boxes are carried away.

Protect the pets

Pets, especially dogs and cats, shouldn’t be around the house when movers come. They should be taken care of as well as children. That’s why you should learn about pet relocation when moving with your family. Your pets can feel very stressed when strangers enter the house, so they can get frightened and even run away. Ask someone you know well to take care of them on the moving day.

a small dog in a mailbox

Moving to Miami with kids usually means you need to think about the pets, too.


The bottom line when moving to Miami with kids is to enjoy the relocation process. Don’t stress about minor details and use your chance to have fun and enjoy with your family. After all, you’re moving to one of the most amazing cities in the world, so there’s nothing to worry about.