Dallas is a city that has a lot to offer. It’s a vibrant and exciting city with a thriving industry, rich history, and great nightlife. Therefore, moving to Dallas County is definitely a good idea. However, if you are a newcomer, you may wonder about the location of your home. As Dallas County is one of the most populous Texas’ counties, it also offers a lot of neighborhoods and areas to choose from. Here are the things to know before moving to Dallas County and some of the best places to live.

Things to know before moving to Dallas County

Housing Costs

When moving to Dallas County, you need to calculate your moving budget and consider the housing costs as well. House rents depend on the location, but there are some general numbers you should be aware of. If you are looking for a one-bedroom apartment, you’ll need to pay $800+ in the city center and around $650 outside the Dallas downtown. If you are looking to buy a home, the city of Dallas offers homes priced at $3000+ per square meter, when looking in the city center. Otherwise, much cheaper homes ($1260+ per square meter) could be found in other Dallas Country areas. Either way, Dallas County housing is generally a lot cheaper than some worldwide known cities. To make sure your house items are moved quickly and safely, hire professionals like Small World Moving TX to help you move into a new Dallas home.

aerial view of a neighborhood

Choosing the best location when moving to Dallas County is the most important relocation step


The great thing about Dallas County is that it offers more restaurants per capita than some other bigger cities, like New York. Meals in some inexpensive restaurants cost around $10-15, while you can find takeaway coffee $3-$5. Generally, the food is not expensive. But, if you want to save more on groceries, be sure to shop at some good supermarkets and local restaurants. You can find really good offers and meals, at affordable prices. Also, be sure to check our money-saving tips, to find out the ways to save some cash when moving to Dallas County.


Traveling across Dallas County is one of the issues. As the transportation system is not the best one there, a lot of people use their cars to commute to work. However, there is a bus and train system, where an adult ticket costs $2.5, and you can also buy a monthly ticket for $80.

Dallas transportation

Moving to Dallas County brings you a lot of advantages

Where to live in Dallas County?

As we mentioned, Dallas County is quite big, so it’s best to begin your search among some of the most popular areas and neighborhoods. Some of the attractive locations are:

  • Uptown Dallas – best if you are a young person looking for a fun and urban place to live.
  • M Streets – if you are looking for a peaceful, family-friendly place, this part of Dallas is great for you.
  • Garland – considered a suburb of Dallas, this city is one of the best places to live, especially for families. So, if you are planning to move here, be sure to pick the right moving team from Garland to help you move quickly and efficiently. 
  • Highland Park – it’s one of the places that offer the most expensive homes. But there’s a good reason for it – it’s a beautiful area with amazing schools and beautiful homes.