Buying an antique house in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, is a life goal for many New Yorkers. Of course, as with any home in New York, there are pros and cons. However, with its unique look Williamsburg stands out. Buying a house is the hard part. It takes years of saving, and going to banks for a loan, hiring a real estate agent, and finally signing the contract. We are here to help you with the easy stuff. We have tips for moving to a historic house in Williamsburg.

​Prepare the place before moving to a historic house in Williamsburg

Before you hire a moving company, get the house ready. This means doing everything in your power to protect the house so that it does not get damaged when movers are carrying your stuff in. To prevent your home from getting damaged while relocating do this:

  • When moving to a historic house in Williamsburg, protect your floor with cardboard or old blankets.
  • Give your movers the layout of the house so that they can study it and know the place.
  • Tell your movers what this house means to you and ask them to be extra careful.

When your house is protected, and you want to move in, the neighborhood has experts for this, local Williamsburg movers will get you into your home without any problems. They will pack you, transport your stuff and unpack you.

hand with pink glove holding yellow spray bottle with red top
Clean the place to make it presentable after movers leave

​Declutter before moving to a historic house in Williamsburg

Now, this decluttering process will be specific. We do not want you to toss unwanted things. But also items that won’t work with the aesthetic of a historic Williamsburg home. This probably means that you will have to throw away more stuff than usual. However, you can always sell anything valuable and use the money to improve your new house.

​You will need to pack smart

Because you do not want to damage your antique Williamsburg home, you should think about how you are packing your boxes. Be extra careful and do not overfill them. Make sure that your moving boxes are easy to carry because then you won’t drop them on your beautiful floors. However, the best option is to let handle this task. They will do it fast and maximize space in your moving boxes.

​Renting the truck and loading it

Do some research before renting a truck. You want something that can handle all of your items so that you do not have to make two trips. Get some friends to help you load it. If you follow our tip about keeping your boxes light, this won’t be a problem.

a white truck
Before moving to a historic house in Williamsburg rent a truck for your items


When moving to a historic house in Williamsburg, unpacking is the last thing on your to-do list. Do it over few days, and be careful not to damage your house. Be mindful of the post-move paperwork. Good luck!