Moving tips are everywhere. They are very easy to find and most of the time they are very logical. These tips are usually very helpful and they do make moving so much easier. But we feel that you are only able to read dozens of the same moving tips over and over again. This is why we decided to write this article with a couple of relocation tips that you might have never heard before. These tips will also make relocating easier to handle.

Don’t leave a dirty home behind

This isn’t as much of a tip as it is a reminder but we feel like we have to mention it. Leaving a dirty home behind is not something you should do. Especially if living in New York City. You know how hard finding an apartment can be here. Why ruin that for somebody without any reason when you can leave a clean home behind? The same way you would want to move into a clean home, you should also allow others to do the same.

Leave a tidy home behind.

Clean while you are packing your belongings

This is a tip that both helps with leaving behind a clean home as well as keeping your new home clean while unpacking. Packing dusty things and unpacking them after you move in is only going to make your new home dusty. This means that you will have to do more cleaning after you have already cleaned your previous home.

This is why cleaning your belongings while you are packing them is very important. It also makes the unpacking process last much shorter. Make sure you are decluttering while cleaning your home’

Cleaning.  the sink
Clean while packing for relocation.

Use things you have at home already for packing your belongings

Buying new packing material is sometimes unnecessary. You might already have some things that you could use sitting around in your home. These are certainly suitcases. They can store a lot of things and they add protection. You can also use backpacks and bags. These can come in handy as they make carrying much easier. You must also have some cardboard boxes at home. You must have bought something that came in a box and kept the box just in case. And now is the perfect time for this box to show what it can do – protect your belongings while you are relocating.

Use your sheets, towels, blankets, and clothing for protecting breakable items such as glasses and plates. Wrap them into the cloth and pack them into boxes. This is the best way to make sure that nothing breaks during your relocation. This also means saving money on packing supplies. And it also means having an eco-friendly move. Two in one! You can buy reusable plastic moving bins.